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Bulbs in Flower All Year Calendar

It is a little known fact that it is possible to have garden bulbs flowering all through the year.

The Bulb Flowering Calendar below is for Start of the Main Flowering Times. Summer flowering bulbs in particular, will flower over a longer period than the spring and autumn flowering bulbs. There will be different flowering times according to which part of the world you live. The periods outlined are for general UK areas.

Some 'bulbs' that we list for all year round colour are not true buls, but often known as such - such as the hardy Cyclamen - which of course is a corm.

Tubers; Corms: Rhizomes: Stolons and all other types of underground storage organs are listed. Most you will find in the 'bulbs' sections of catalogues and garden centres.

Bulbs Flowering All through the Year - Calendar

Amaryllis belladona - Pink flower trusses

January :

  • Cyclamen Coum hybrids - Gorgeous pink, cerise, white and red flowers peeping through the old carpet of leaves.
  • Galanthus - or Snowdrops - how to plant - Snowdrops need no introduction, but there is more to growing snowdrops successfully than if often realised. But, well worth the effort.
  • Growing Bulbs indoors - January is a good time for bulbs to flower indoors - but of course you will have to do the work several month earlier!

February : March :

  • Leucojum vernum Snowpake - A very good alternative for the snowdrops - and often mistaken for them as well.
  • More Snowdrops
  • Chionodoxa - Glory of the Snow - If you want some bright colours to start the year off - look no further.
  • Crocus - Plant in pots, in borders or in the lawn. Crocus will multiply over a few years and give you a colourful carpet
  • Eranthis hyemalis - The Winter Aconite - One of the first of tubers to start into growth. Great under trees, mixed in with the shrubs, or colour for the herbaceous border.
  • Narcissus early types. Names like Narcissus February Gold should give a clue.
  • Iris danfordiae and Iris reticulata varieties - So dainty yet well hardy. Often see them poking up through light snow with no ill effects.
  • Ranunculus asiaticus. - A difficult tuber to keep from year top year. best bought as young potted plants in the garden centres. Then you can choose from the huge range of colours.
  • Scilla Bulbs - Stunning Blue for this time of year. The sky may be overcast, but these will blaze blue upwards.
  • Trilliums - Trinity Flowers - Wake Robin or the Wood Lily. Sure to draw comment for their unusual flowers.

March : April :

  • Daffodils or narcissus - Planting and Growing Daffodils. - This is really spring now - once we see the drifts of Daffodils everywhere.
  • Corydalis - Not always thought of as 'bulbs' - but some are.
  • Crocus - masses of naturalised crocus in lawns or borders are the way forward for a colourful carpet.
  • Fritillaria - Crown Imperial and Snake's Head Fritillary Types. Both types will give a show, with the crown Imperials living up to their names. The Snake's Head are great for naturalising in untidy grass!
  • Tulips - especially the dwarfs - others follow later - May.
  • Muscari - Grape Hyacinths - Bright blues for the edges of borders or around the perimeter of containers.
  • Anemone - Tuberous types (some) start flowering in April.

May : June : Growing Bulbs for Summer colour in your garden

July : August :

September : October :

November : December :  Growing bulbs for winter flowering in your garden

So - ready to give bulbs a go and widen your horizons? Stay tuned to this section which will bring you all the information you need to get planting bulbs in your garden. 


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