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Growing Bulbs in the Garden

A whole new world of gardening awaits those who use garden bulbs to their full extent, for it is possible to have flower bulbs of one kind or another, in bloom throughout all of the year. This, certainly in the UK. 

To achieve this utopia of twelve months of flowers in your garden, we do have to cheat a little, and use some plants which are not grown from true bulbs, but which are still referred to as bulbs in the gardening world. At the bottom of this page you will see listings of bulbs throughout the 12 month period! 

They are also known by their proper classification by those in the know. However, most catalogues and nurseries that specialise in 'bulbs' also stray off the strict botanical path. So shall we!

 The main thing is, that you can get year-round colour by growing bulbs in your garden. In this part of the site, we will refer to all plants that are grown from underground modified stems or roots, as bulbs. We will also of course describe them in their true classification of bulbs, tubers, corms and rhizomes. Daffodils - or Narcissus - grow from bulbs; Crocus grow from Corms; Dahlias grow from Tubers; Iris grow from Rhizomes.

Tulip close upTo whet your appetite for this extension to 'normal gardening' consider this calendar list of bulbs that flower at different time of year - giving you the much sought after, year round colour - Bulbs flowering all year! So for a start, follow your spring show with some Summer Flowering Bulbs. Then Autumn Flowering Bulbs followed by some Winter Flowering Bulbs

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