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This Month in the Garden - Tips. The Garden Calendar

The Garden Through the Seasons with Gardening hints, tips and advice on a monthly basis.

One of the problems in writing about 'what to do in the garden this month' is the fact that the website is viewed by gardeners from all over the world! So, temperature zones and all manner of changes need to be catered for. As well as people living in different 'zones, there is also the problem of climatic and seasonal changes.

Gardening seasons start and finish at different times each year! We do not intend to get involved in arguments about which month is in which season!

So, until we set up office at various places around the world, I ask you to treat this guide as a general idea as to what you should - or should not be doing - in your garden this month! The South of the UK is different to the North - (climatically) and our ever-increasing audience from the USA are well aware of the differences between states, and as such are ever-forgiving of some of what I write!  

Wherever you are, treat 'this month in the garden' as a general guide and adjust by a month or so to where you live. The pages will feature an image slider which will be topical of what is probably in flower for that particular month. That should give a better idea of what the 'Gardening Month' is - as distinct to what the calendar says!

Alstroemeria FriendshipAlways happy to have your views, and reports of any inconvenience caused by my centering the information based upon my experience of gardening in the South of England! This is generally classed as hardiness zone 9 with average annual temperatures of (min 5.9 deg C) to (max 13.5 deg C). More information here

This Month in Your Garden

It may be a new year - but it is still winter in the month of January. Take it easy January
Hamamelis mollis
January will normally be a non-productive month as far as working outside in the garden is concerned. However, plants start to wake up and one of the first indications of things to come is down at ground level where several of the bulbs - notable narcissus - will be searching for daylight.
Plants that Flower in January
Spring is round the corner - but winter is still here in month of FebruaryFebruary
Viburnum Eve Price will among several winter flowering shrubs tentatively making an appearance. It will be too early in the year for anything other than the essential work for this month, but a good month for taking stock of things that need to be done once the weather conditions are right.
Plants that Flower in February

Helleborus for the month of March March
Helleborus orientalis - the oriental hellebore will start flowering in earnest this month and need to be included for any future planting plans - unless of course you already have them.
Undoubtedly there will be a few warm days - ever the optimist - but do not be tempted to do much other than maybe a bit of hardy plant division or planting if the conditions are right.
Plants that Flower in March
Magnolia liliflora Nigra in flower in AprilApril
 Magnolia liliiflora Nigra
Plants that Flower in April

Clematis montana rubra in flower in MayMay
Clematis montana Rubra

Plants that Flower in May 

Oriental Poppy together with many other perennials in flower this month - JulyJune

Plants that Flower in June 

A good mix of bedding plantsJuly
July in the garden is the start of a different regime of work. The growing and planting gradually five way to the all-important aspects of maintenance, to ensure that all the work carried out in the spring, starts to bear fruit - or flowers!
Plants that Flower in July

August is the month that sees bedding plants at their bestAugust

Plants that Flower in August

September is a busy month in the garden with past summer to clear up and next spring to look forward to.September
September in the garden usually brings with it a mixture of feelings. The Summer is all but done, but of course can still bless us with a few hot days. It is also a good time to assess what has been done this year to good advantage in the garden, and what if anything needs to be thought about a new for next year!
Plants that Flower in September
Autumn arrives - and so do many jobs in this month of October

Plants that Flower in October

November is not always the most inviting of months to do garden work. But, some jobs can and should be done.  Give it a try - you might be pleasantly surprised!
Plants that Flower in November 


 Plants that Flower in December


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