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Garden Plants in Flower June - Bulbs, Shrubs, Trees | Flowers and Colour

Standby for all the herbaceous and other perennials that will be coming our way, for the month of June isn't just named 'Flaming June' because of the sunshine. We look to this month for a blaze of flower colour on shrubs and perennials. The spring bulbs will have gently taken us into this the month of the perennial surely. I wait to be surprised and contradicted as always, for this is gardening!

Hoping to have many suggestions and observations of gardeners worldwide about what is flowering in the garden during June. Bulbs, Perennials, Shrubs, Alpines, Trees. We want them all on record. You have the easy part - name and off to us in an email. We will do the rest on these pages - hopefully keeping up with you in what must surely be a manic month for flower sightings!

Just to get you in the right mood, we will start the page off with a few past observations, and immediately below, give you a taste of what flowering gems are going to be seen this month of June in a garden near you.

Abelia foribundaAlstroemeria FriendshipCarpenteria californicaClematis VagabondHemerocallis Yellow Day LilyDelphinium Summerfield Oberon

We need to know about SHRUBS flowering in June  ... Such as

Abelia | Clematis | Embothrium | Philadelphus | Escallonia | Weigela | Kalmia | Phlomis | Rose | Yucca | Carpenteria | Lavendula | Lavatera |

We need to know about PERENNIALS incl. BULBS flowering in June ... Such as ...

Delphinium | Clematis Herbaceous types | Alstroemeria | Lychnis | Phlox | Salvia | Alchemilla | Campanula | Persicaria | Polygonum | Smilacina | Sisyrinchium | Iris | Nepeta | Geranium | Lamium and that's just a starting prod!

Flowering Plants in June - Bulbs, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees.

Hebe brachysiphon 'White Gem'Hebe brachysiphon 'White Gem'





Papaver somniferumPapaver orientalisPapaver orientalis
Papaver somniferum - The opium poppy | Papaver orientalis Oriental Poppy x 2

Papaver croceum Papaver somniferum - double formPapaver 'Ladybird'
Papaver croceum | Papaver somniferum - Double pink.  Papaver 'Ladybird'



Pyracantha in  flowerErysimum Apricot TwistAlstromeria Friendship
Pyracantha - Firethorn in flower | Erysimum 'Apricot Twist' (Wallflower) | Alstroemeria 'Friendship


Abelia floribundaAconitum naoulusCrambe cordifolia
Abelia floribunda - One of the lesser known evergreen June Flowering Shrubs.
Aconitum napellus - Monkshood Aconite - Herbaceous Perennial full flower in June
Crambe cordifolia White flowered perennial for back of border


Cistus pulverulenyusCentranthus ruber AlbusCorydalis Craigton Blue
Cistus pulverulenus - Grey green foliage June flowering shrub.
Centranthus Alba - Valerian Perennial for June
Corydalis Craigton Blue- Subtle blue flowers for June.


Eschscholzia californica - Californian Poppy Achillea Terracotta Achillea Cerise Queen
Eschscholtzia Californica - The Californian Poppy is biennial and readily re-seeds itself each year.
Achillea Terracotta - One of many hybrids of this long flowering group of plants.
Achillea Cerise Queen - also one of the great long flowering perennials starting in June


Lamium maculatum Beacon SilverAjuga reptand Atropurpureum - Bugle
Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver' bright foliage a good foil for the cerise flowers in June and through Summer.
Ajuga reptans Atropurpurea - Good evergreen ground cover perennial with mainly blue flowers. Many foliage variations available.


Digitalis Spice IsalndClematis VagabondGeranium riversianum Mavis Simpson
Digitalis Spice Island (Foxglove with a difference)
Clematis Vagabond - For June flowering
Geranium riversianum Mavis Simpson


Gillenia trifoliataEmbothrium coccineumHemerocallis Berlin Red - June flowering perennial
Gillenia trifoliata - Unusual June flowering Perennial
Embothrium coccineum - large shrub for non-alkaline soils.
Hemerocallis Berlin Red - Stunning Day Lily for flowering in June and through summer.

Hebe elliptica 'Variegata'Crinodendron hookerianum - The Lantern TreeLeptospermum Ruby Wedding
Hebe elliptic 'Variegata' One of the smaller growing summer flowering Hebes| 
Crinodendron hookerianum - The 'Lantern Tree' - is an evergreen shrub that needs shelter - and an acid soil.
Leptospermum Ruby Wedding - small to medium shrub that needs shelter - but full sun.


Clematis Hagley HybridClematis VagabondClematis Oooh la lah
Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' One of the all time great pink-flowered Clematis.
Clematis Vagabond - Not as well known as it should be.
Clematis Ooh La La. The name says it all!


Lavandula stoechas - French LavenderLavatera roseum - The shrubby MallowSisyrinchium striatum -
Lavandula stoechas - French Butterfly Lavender
Lavatera roseum - The Shrubby Mallow will be a mass of flower from now onwards.
Sisyrinchium striatum - A good architectural perennial for June flowering.


Salvia coccinea Coral NymphAllium cristophii - Giant ornamenral OnionEuphorbia corningera
Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph'
Allium cristophii A stunning ornamental onion that has good flower in June - and seedheads later.
Euphorbia corningera

Euphorbia wallichiim - Spurge
Euphorbia wallichii



Lavandula andgustifolia 'Hidcote'Hydrangea macrophylla flowering in JuneMasses of Fuchsia flowers - red and violet
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
Hydrangea macrophyla will start to flower in June and carry on fir several months
Fuchsia Hardy Varieties will start to flower if good sun in June

Japanese Honeysuckle for June fklowers and scentTracholespermum jasminoides - The Star Jasmine Penstemon Burgundy
Lonicera japonica 'Halleana' - The Evergreen Japanese Honeysuckle flowering 20th June
Trachelospermum jasminoides -The Star Jasmine or Confederate Jasmine for June flowering and gorgeous scent on evergreen climber.
Penstemon 'Burgundy Wine' One of many different summer flowering Perennials

Climbing Rose Red White climbin rose IcebergBlue Campanula carpatica
Red Climbing Rose heralds the start of Summer proper
Rosa 'Alberic Barbier' A stunning white rose for June flowering
Campanula carpatica - together with may other Campanulas for early summer flowering - June in particular


Carpenteria californicaDelphinium elata typeHemerocallis - Day Lily Apricot Beauty
Carpenteria californica - Easy to grow June Flowering evergreen shrub.
Delphinium elata type - Perennials come into their own in month of June in the garden
Hemerocallis Apricot Beauty - The day lily will be in flower now, and carry on right through Summer.




Coreopsis Early Sunrise
Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' - Brilliant Yellow flowers for the June perennial border.



Dierama pulcherricum
Dierama pucherrimum



AntirrhinumCampanula carpatica AlbumCenaothus thyrsiflorus
Antirrhinums - Bunny Rabbit Flowers - Often used for bedding, but can also be grown as short-lived perennial.
Campanula carpatica - White form.
Ceanothius thryrsiflorus Repens

Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding HeartGailardia x grandiflora 'Dazzler'Kniphofia - Red Hot Pokers - have many different flower forms now.
Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Heart still flowering in June after main flush in May.
Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Dazzler' Mexican Poncho flower for dazzling display in June garden.
Kniphofia Raspberry Ripple - On of the newer Red Hot Pokers.

Lilium WhiteLupinus - LupinSalvia Sweet Lips
Lilium - White
Lupinus - Lupins
Salvia Sweet Lips - Hardy Perennial not to be confused with the normal bedding salvias!

Primula vialisViola - small flowered.
Primula vialis - a very unusual member of the primrose family.
Violas and Pansies everywhere. The smaller flowered types are normally referred to a Violas, but all the pansies are members of the violaceae family.
(All of these for June 28th sent from Michelle Blessing - Thanks Michelle.)


calendula officinalisAlliumscabiosa coumbara Pink
Calendula officinalis - English or Pot Marigold
Alliums assorted - including Chives
Scabiosa Pink Mist

Geum borisiiLaburnum vosiiPaeonia officinalis
Geum borisii Long flowering if it is dead headed
Laburnum vosii  now fading
Paeonia officinalis

Papaver orientalisVariegated foliage of Pieris - with red shootsGorgeous pink flowers of garden rose
Papaver orientalis - Oriental Poppy will give colour and pleasure for most of the early summer
Pieris showing young foliage colour together with a few late flowers
Roses abundant everywhere - in all colours in Flaming June.

Alchemilla mollisErigeron - FleabaneHeuchera Palace Purple
Alchemilla mollis - Ladies Mantle - foliage and flower compliment each other in June
Erigeron - great low perennial for dry banks and walls
Heuchera Palace Purple - On of the fine foliage types of the Coral Bells

Hypericum  x inororum ElsteadOsteospermum - Cape DaisyVeronica gentianoides
Hypericum x inodorum ' Elstead'
Osteospermum - Cape Daisy - loadsa flower in June - Loves the Sun.
Veronica spicata 'Saraband'

(Again thanks to Michelle for these observations in her garden)


June in the Garden


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