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Garden Plants in Flower February. Perennials, Shrubs, Bulbs, Colour 

February is often an 'in-between' month for flowers. January having the best of the 'winter-flowering' types and then February almost having the 'leftovers' - unless you can prove me wrong (Please!)

Towards the end of February the first signs of spring start to show - artificially induced by such stalwarts as the Snowdrops, Hellebores and a few 'eager shrubs such as Forsythia starting to show bud colour.

It should be an interesting time for plant spotting, and always throws up a few surprises before sometimes savagely reminding us that it is still Winter out there. Surprisingly, the plants that have been cajoled into flower by a few warm days, can normally see off any late traces of winter.

Foliage will be starting to break bud, and early flower bulbs will give good contrast to the likes of the winter flowering Bergenias.

So - please help us to help you by providing us with any sightings of flowers or other garden interest that you see in the month of February.

Clematis - Winter whiteDaphne bholua Jaqueline PostillErythroniumLonicera fragrantissimaHelleborusStachyurus

We need to know about SHRUBS flowering in February... Such as

Hamamelis | Abeliophyllum | Daphne | Clematis | Sarcococca | Viburnum | Lonicera | Stachyurus

We need to know about PERENNIALS incl. BULBS flowering in February Such as ...

Bergenia | Eranthis | Trillium | Helleborus | Euphorbia | Narcissus | Cyclamen | Galanthus | Leucojum | Crocus |

February Flowers and Garden Interest.

Camellia 'Freedom Bell'1st Camellia 'Freedom Bell' Bright scarlet red with semi-double flowers.

Hamamellis Strawberry Cream2nd Hamamelis Strawberry Cream. Different for a Witch Hazel!


Helleborus orientalis WhiteOne of many Oriental Hellebores now in flower. This one - a white form of Helleborus orientalis, showing the characteristic drooping of the flowers.

Rhododendron UnknownRhododendron macrophyllum One of the earliest of the Rhododendrons

Cornus mas in full flowerCornus mas - A large shrub or small 'Treelet' - simply a description I like to use for those in-between shrub/trees..

Cyclamen coum hybridsNo apologies whatever for including this wonderful show-off corm.. Cyclamen coum - dainty as dance slippers - tough as old boots!

Betula utilis stems.As gorgeous a sight as many flowers in February - Betula utilis (jaquemontii)

Prunus mume 'beni-chidori' One of the earlier flowering Cherries - Prunus mume 'Beni-chidori'

Camellia 'Freedom Bell' Camellia 'Freedom Bell' one of many Camellias that flower fo mush of the winter. This one is a mid-season type.

Edgwarthia chrysantha Edgeworthias still going strong in February. with no sign of being bothered by the weather.


Galanthus S. Arnott Galanthus 'S. Arnott' A good robust and showy snowdrop - with a scent. Early flowering and stands up to all weather.

Hamamelis - The Witch HazelHamamelis Strawberry Cream - A little bit different to most Witch Hazels!

Lonicera fragrantissima - Winter flowering honeysuckleLonicera fragrantissima - Winter flowering Honeysuckle


Arum italicum 'Marmoratum' foliageArum italicum 'Marmoratum' - Lords and Ladies. Very early attractive foliage through late January until early summer.

hellebore oriental - double pink formLight pink Helleborus orientalis with semi-double flowers. Very attractive.


Pink and white Rhododendon flowers of Christmas Cheer Rhododendron 'Christmas Cheer' - Late as usual but very welcome flowers to see on this cold February morning.

Spectacular orange flowers on this variety of Hamamelis - The Witch Hazel.8th  Hamamelis Orange Beauty

Helleborus pink9th  Helleborus orientalis Pink form

The snowpake - Leucojum vernum flower closeup10th Leucojum vernum

11th Cornus mas looking very good at Wisley - full flower and more to go yet. - 2007

12th Cyclamen coum hybrids absolutely amazing and so full of good flower colour.
Chaenomeles japonica looking good - especially Knaphill Scarlet.

13th Perfection with Edgeworthia chrysandra Red Dragon. Rarely seen in gardens but ought to be. Just loves the shade. Maybe good flower now, but its foliage and stems are attractive in the growing season as well. (Picture lower down)
Camellias assorted and Daphne are everywhere.

14th Rhododendron Christmas Cheer rarely cheers up Christmas - but it is good for January and better still in February,

15thGalanthus Snowdrops are looking good and still have a way to go.

Cercis siliquastrum has been good for a few weeks and shows no sign of bowing out yet.

Euphorbia charachias subspp Wulfenii16th - Euphorbia charachias subsp 'Wulfenii'

Sarcococca humilis - Christmas or Sweet Box.Sarcococca humilis - Sweet Box or Christmas Box

Cornus mas Cornelian CherryCornus mas - The Cornelian Cherry

Crocus dalmaticus - Crocus dalmaticus - One of the earliest of the Crocus bulbs.

19th Helleborus orientalis just starting to flower en masse, but still just a little bit shy.


Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green'27th Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green'

Edgeworthia Red Dragon28th Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Red Dragon'

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