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Garden Plants in Flower March - Perennials, Shrubs, Bulbs, and Colour 

So! Is march going to be the tentative start to the spring season as we know it, or is it going to linger a little longer in the winter portion of our seasons? That question will be answered as the month progresses. One thing is sure. Whatever the climatic conditions, there will be a lot of movement in the garden by way of plant growth, and hopefully flowering.

The 'winter' shrubs will be having a last say before subsiding and allowing their spring-flowering brethren the limelight. Further down at near ground level, we should see many signs of new life if not flowering as the hardy perennials and flowering bulbs start to take on the mantle of cheering us gardeners up, and making us feel that it's time to start 'doing' instead of just thinking.

At Gardenseeker we have a vested interest in the start of the gardening season proper - especially for the Flowertime section of the website. The mailbox starts to get busier with questions 'how to?' and now we hopefully have more input to come from you all regarding shrubs, plants and bulbs that are flowering in your garden.

Here's a few of the flowering plants to look out for during March.

Helleborus orientalis spotted whiteHepaticus nobilisAnemone nemorosaCamellia japonica Alexander HunterCorylosis sinensisPussy willow catkins with snow

We need to know about SHRUBS flowering in March ... Such as

Forsythia | Camellias | Azaleas | Cerscis - Judas Tree | Daphne | Chaenomeles | Halesia | Exochorda | Fothergilla | Ribes odoratum | Kerria | Abeliophyllum |Sarcococca | Chimonanthus |Corylus | Pussy Willow Salix | Erica | Prunus - triloba etc | Pieris | Viburnum |

We need to know about PERENNIALS incl. BULBS flowering in March... Such as ...

Trillium | Narcissus Types | Crocus Hellebores | Anemones | Euphorbia | Bergenia | Iris | Scilla | Eranthis | Pulsatilla | Primulas | Pulmonaria | Epimedium | Doronicum | Lysichiton |

March Flowering Garden Shrubs, Plants and Bulbs




Anemone blanda3rd - Anemone blanda braves the snow - just to remind us about March!



Ulex eoropus 'flore plene' Ulex europus 'Flore Plene' (Double flowered Gorse.


Pulmonaria argentea Silver leaved Lungwort6th Pulmonaria argentea group. Silver leaved with deep blue flowers in March


Prunus pendula Rosea8th - Prunus pendula Rosea - One of the early flowering cherry trees (small and weeping)

Stachyurus praecox in full flowerStachyurus praecox is now in full flower and looking gorgeous on this cold March day.

Skimmia x confusa Kew GreenSkimmia x confusa Kew Green is now out in full flower.

Camellia Leonard Messel Camellia Leonard Messel puts in an appearance - a welcome show of pink glowers in early March.


Hepatica nobilis10th Hepatica nobilis. Firstly the flowers poke up through the winter debris, soon followed by the foliage on this dwarf hardy perennial plant.

Helleborus x sternii 'Boughton Beauty'Helleborus x sternii 'Boughton Beauty'  Helleborus Niger - The Christmas RosehHelleborus niger - The Christmas Rose




Helleborus orientalisHelleborus orientalis really start to come into their own during March, with their nodding bowl shaped blooms. Colours from pure white through pinks and reds to deepest purple/mauve.

Pieris japonica 'Blush'Pieris japonica 'Blush'   Pieris japonica 'Pink Delight' Pieris japonica 'Pink Delight'

Pieris japonica 'Taiwanensis' Pieris japonica 'Taiwanensis'  Pieris japonica 'Firecrest' Pieris japonica 'Firecrest'

Pieris formosa 'Forrestii'Pieris formosa 'Forrestii'   Pieris japonica 'White Rim' Pieris japonica 'White Rim'

Pieris 'Valley Rose' Pieris 'Valley Rose'  Pieris Koidzumiana Pieris 'Koidzumiana'

Pieris formosa 'Jermyns' Pieris formosa 'Jermyns'   Pieris japonica 'Tilford'Pieris japonica 'Tilford'





crocus vernus PickwickCrocus vernus 'Pickwick'




Helleborus orientalis BurgundyHelleborus orientalis Burgundy colour Helleborus argutifoliusHelleborus argutifolius

Magnolia stellata 'Centennial'Magnolia stellata 'centennial' 

Mahonia x Wagnerii 'Pinnacle'Mahonia x wagnerii 'Pinnacle'




Primula denticulata 'Sky Blue' Primula denticulata 'Sky Blue'



Heloniopsis orientalisHeloniopsis orientalis. As tough as old boots. A great low Perennial from places like Russia and North Korea!

Erythronium 'Pagoda'Erythronium 'Pagoda" See link below.
Erythronium californica White BeautyErythronium californicum 'White Beauty'. One of the most attractive - and useful spring flowering perennial bulbs for shaded places.



Pulmonaria saccharata FruhlingschimmelPulmonaria saccharata Fruhlingschimmel  Pulmonaria saccharataPulmonaria saccharata

Pulmonaria vallarsae Margery FishPulmonaria vallarsae 'Margery Fish'   Pulmonaria saccharata Argentia Group Pulmonaria saccharata Argentea Group

Pulmonaria Light Blue Pulmonaria Light Blue Seedling


Masses of yellow bell flowers on the ForsythiaForsythia starting to open up well now from the colourful bud stage.



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