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 Jobs to do in the January Garden

January is the month to plan the year ahead, as little can be done in the garden if the weather is severe! However if the ground is in a fit condition i.e. not to wet or frozen, continue to plant trees, shrubs, roses, and hedging, as well as soft fruit bushes and raspberry canes. Check fruit and dahlia tubers in store for signs of mildew etc. 

Make a new compost heap - or get a compost bin -  and make a resolution to put all your vegetable waste onto it this year!

If frost has lifted newly planted shrubs or trees, heel them back in. If there are heavy falls of snow make sure you clear the snow from branches of trees, particularly evergreens, as the weight can cause boughs to break.

Continue pruning apple and pear trees, also continue to spray fruit trees and bushes with a tar oil wash. Check stakes and ties. Winter- prune Wisteria.

Continue digging the vegetable garden, weather permitting. Plant rhubarb crowns and cover with straw type manure. Sow broad beans for an early crop.
Stand seed potatoes in trays with eyes uppermost to encourage them to sprout. Place them in a bright frost proof place.

If lawns are not to wet or frosty aeration treatment can be carried out - Don't allow Ponds and pools with fish to freeze over. This is so the fish can continue to breath.

Repair paths, fences and gates. Clean all tools and if the mower needs attention now is the time to have it serviced.

In the greenhouse continue to ventilate on mild days. Keep watering to a minimum. If you have a heated propagator early sowings of tomatoes and peppers can be made.

Potted bulbs need a cool spot indoors, about 10deg C , until the buds are about 8 cm tall. Once you can see the flower head move the bulbs to their final flowering position in a temperature of 15 to 21 degrees Celsius. Do not forget to give them a feed and do not over water.

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