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 Jobs to do in the March Garden

This month, the days get longer, the sun gets stronger, and the first signs of spring arrive. But beware! Don't let your enthusiasm run away on mild days. Frosts will still be lurking around. It is better to delay sowing and planting if the soil is to wet and cold.

Plant nutrient reserves will be low at this time of year. It is essential that a good fertiliser with trace elements, i.e. Boron, Copper, iron, Manganese and Molybdenum, is added to the soil and existing plants.

Rain will also have compacted the soil surface, so gently fork the surface over - making sure not to damage any plants still lying dormant below the surface. This allows air to get to the roots and generally help with the micro-organic activity below the surface of the soil.

Rake seed beds over in readiness for new lawns and apply a fertilizer. Edging of established lawns can be carried out now prior to the start of mowing. If the lawn is dry, the first cut can be made - with the blades set high. 

  • Complete rose pruning by the end of the month, and don't worry about saving any new shoots above your pruning cut.
  • Preventative spraying against fungal and insect pests.
  • Divide Perennials and replant the divisions perennials.
  • Plant gladiolus corms.
  • If you are getting itchy fingers with your secateurs, you need to have a look at our shrub pruning calendar first!
  • Sow hardy annuals outdoors if the soil is in a fit condition.
  • Plant out sweet peas raised earlier.
  • Prune Clematis - summer and late flowering clematis.
  • Cut back ivy especially from around gutters and windows.
  • Many vegetables can be sown if conditions permit.
  • Plant early potatoes - but protect from frost.
  • Plant shallots, garlic, and onion sets - all are hardy
  • Fork and remove weeds among strawberry plants and fruit bushes.

In the greenhouse

  • Sow tomatoes for outside growing.
  • Sow half hardy and tender annuals for summer bedding,
  • Sow cucumbers, melons, and aubergines.
  • Seed sown plants will need to be well cared for now in March
  • Keep a careful eye on seedlings sown earlier - in particular watch for 'damping-off'

Beware of slug activity as the temperatures rise. They can strip young plants and new growth, doing irreparable damage.

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