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Gardening Advice, Information, Ideas.

Take time out for your garden. Your life will be fuller for it! There is nothing quite so satisfying as starting your plants off and seeing them reach maturity - giving you a show of colour in what is becoming a stressful life.Gardening is going from strength to strength, and is a great hobby to have - especially in these increasingly busy times.

We have help sections that start you off with the raising of new or small plants, and then guiding you through all stages of developments and the subsequent aftercare. Hopefully we will alert you the potential problems with our comprehensive guides.

Gardening can be an important aspect of your general wellbeing - whether it is a bit of exercise digging the vegetable plot, or just drooling over the colourful display you have in your easy-to-care-for window box or patio tub.

We are always pleased to hear from you - either about the site, or about your garden, or maybe you have a suggestion that you want us to explore. We are all in gardening together.

Miscanthus grasses
Ornamental Grasses for year-round interest.

Penstemon Ruby
Perennials  form an important part of the garden.

Lily 'Touching'
Flowering Bulbs in the Garden - All Year Round at that!

Coloured begonia rex leaf
House Plants
- Taking the garden indoors

Potentilla Pink
Plants A-Z
- Everything to do with plants not in the main sections

Climbing Plants one of our most popular subjects..

Azalea Orange flowers
 backbone of all gardens large and small.

Pruned shrub
Pruning shrubs
We unravel the mystique

Rose close up Hanah Gordon
have been written off many times

Onion Seedheads
- This year to start growing your own?

Lavandula butterly type
 not only for cooking. They look great also

Ripe Strawberries
 - Only when you have tried your own will you know!

Striped Lawn
Lawn Care
 The garden starts here!

Fuchsia cuttings being potted
Plant Propagation
 Seed sowing and cutting - More plants!

Small informal garden pond
Garden Ponds
Great feature in the right garden

Silver Birch Button
Advice about trees section

Decking project
Decking - Our newly laid out Decking section, to help you decide how to design and build a garden deck.

Ivy Weed

Gardening - If you are new to gardening, or need some in-depth information about the inner workings of the garden, this could be of interest to you.

Brick Archways
Landscape Gardening

Vermiculiy=te for soil

a Tick in the box
Best Ten

Businesses near you

This Month

urn container of plants
Container Gardening

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