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Basic Gardening Advice and Information

Gardening can often be seen as a complex subject and certainly there is a deal of snobbery with some sections that are happy to see gardening as an 'elite' hobby.

Generally speaking, the gardening trade is not helpful to novice gardeners, and for some reason best known to themselves, seem happy to perpetuate gardening as a difficult to learn subject.

If only they realised that their turnover and profit line would be greatly enhanced if they thought of the end user a bit more. Anyone starting out on gardening - or even those who have been doing it for some while - would spend more if they knew how to spend it, and that if that money spent turned out to be a satisfactory buy.

The mailbox at Gardenseeker is full of questions every day about basic gardening. The question-asker usually bemused by the lack of care and advice at their local garden centre or shop!

Gardening is quite simple. We guide you and show you. Follow our easy-to-use basic guide, and you should be well on the way to to successful gardening.

All about Gardening

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  • Spring Gardening Guide and Ideas - start of our seasonal gardening sections.
  • Perennials - Main Site Area about Herbaceous plants and borders. Often planted, but not always understood. Gardening with perennials is a sure fire way of covering space in the garden, and a good move towards all year flower colour. Hardy perennials can be chosen that will enhance your garden at any time of the year. It needs a bit of imagination. We supply the help and information.
  • Window Boxes and Hanging Baskets - Basic information - Window Boxes and baskets are as popular as ever, and more people are turning to these as their standard way of gardening. And why not? A huge range of plants can be used in both hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers.
  • Vertical Gardens - A photographer's and garden feature writer's dream subject - BUT, there is also reality to be aware of!
  • Roses - Main site area about how to get the best out of your roses. Roses are still the doyen of the English garden. Helped in no little way by the efforts of the rose growers and hybridizers who bring us many new varieties - often with names that we can associate with - every year. May they continue to do so.
  • Herbs - Grow them, smell them, eat them. Gardening with herbs is so rewarding, and many herbs can be grown in odd spaces within the garden. Yes, there are those that thrive in hot sunshine, and also those that do really well in dense shade! Add to that the fact that many are edible, and that many more are coming to the fore in scientifically proven medicine uses, and it is hard to see how you can avoid gardening with herbs.
  • Lawns - A greener lawn - Here is how you do it. The lawn is still the centrepiece for most gardens - in spite of what the doom mongers have been prattling about re decking, patios and concrete drives. The envy of many a neighbourhood is a velvet green lawn.
  • Indoor Plants - House plants are easy - if you choose the right ones. Just bear in mind that many of them started their life in a warmer or even tropical country. Even so, many are suitable for colder, darker climes than their origin suggests. Just don't expect your rubber plant to provide a second income for you! If you have little space outside, then you can do gardening to your hearts delight by being a bit adventurous indoors.
  • Pruning Shrubs - The biggest problem - easily explained. Many, many shrubs are spoilt by pruning wrongly - or just by pruning. Learn how to increase your gardening knowledge with our shrub pruning guides.
  • Pests and problems - How to identify and tackle pests and diseases. Before you go running around with the spray gun, make sure that you have identified the problem, and that you then have the right ammunition to attack the problem with. You may also wish to think in terms of prevention being better than cure! It is applicable in gardening as it is in our normal health life.
  • Propagation of Plants - How to grow your own plants from seeds and cuttings
  • Taking cuttings from plants - is a good way to increase your plant stock - maybe to give away to friends and family, or sell at a plant fair. Whatever! It is a great way to learn more gardening skills!
  • Gardening Terms Explained -A list of common gardening terms
  • How to Garden - New section that will answer most of your questions


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Identify Weeds in The Garden - How to deal with weeds. Diseases and Pest which harm your garden and plants, learn how to prevent, deter and erradicate your garden problems.

Garden Problems
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Gardening Businesses

Gardening Businesses listed in the UK counties and USA states. County and State Listings of businesses involved in Garden supplies and services. If you wish to be added to the Directory, please send us your information. Having problems, use the search box

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In this section you will learn about Gardening Basics, Containers, Landscaping, Propagation and Soil.


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