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Pruning Shrubs Guide - An A - Z Listing

The importance of pruning shrubs at the right time of year cannot be overstressed. If you prune some shrubs in the autumn, then you could be cutting off all of the next year's flower buds.

If you prune other shrubs in the spring, then the same goes. You could be cutting off the summer's flower buds. In either case, it means no flowers on your shrub!

Timing of pruning is the most important aspect for success. That is why we have put up a
When to Prune Shrubs page. You can also follow our A-Z listings below for best advice on how and when to prune shrubs.

Many different shrubs require different pruning regimes, but fortunately there are a few basic rules you can follow to get it right - even if you do not know the name of your shrub. Yes, it is that easy.

Pruning shrubs

Pruning shrubs. Follow our Pruning Guide for simple how to

Botanical and Common names included for ease of use in our A - Z shrub pruning guide. If you are not sure that you have identified your shrub correctly, then our a - z of shrubs listing (with pictures) should help you, If all else fails, we are always at your service. Just an email away. Send us an image of your shrub, and we will do our best to identify it for you.

(If you require basic technique information click here)


  • Abelia. Most are evergreen - sometimes with attractive foliage
  • Abutilon - Attractive foliage and floral shrubs. Commonly known as Flowering Maples.
  • Acer. Most Acers are best not pruned, but if you have to, then this is the way to do it.
  • Amelanchier. The white flowers in spring and that gorgeous autumn foliage colour can be helped with proper pruning.
  • Apple trees One of our most-asked pruning questions. Follow the advice for good juicy crops.
  • Arbutus  The strawberry tree does not grow strawberries - just fruit that look like strawberries!
  • Aucuba - A misunderstood evergreen shrub that can actually look quite good - even spectacular - with the right pruning.
  • Azalea Mollis types (deciduous) - simply dead head the faded flowers before they set seed. Otherwise see



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  • Elaeagnus  - Evergreen Types can be cut back quite hard during April/May - or later
  • Erica
  • Eriobotrya japonica - If grown outdoors, then late winter or early spring, carry out minimal pruning for shaping. Best pruned when dormant. If grown indoors as large houseplant, will need restrictive pruning as and when required.
  • Escallonia
  • Eucalyptus - for foliage effect. It need not grow into a tall gangly tree. It can be pruned to give a spectacular foliage display.
  • Eucryphia
  • Euonymus (evergreen) - trim to shape in spring - or cut back hard if required.
  • Euonymus (deciduous)
  • Exochorda x macrantha The Bride - Pruning
  • Evergreen Flowering Shrubs. How and when to prune evergreen shrubs that are grown mainly for their flowers.

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