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Gardening What is?

There are terms and questions often cropping up in gardening about 'What is'? The section should be a quick help resource to halp you answer your query or even give you a little extra knowledge - always welcome in gardening.

If nothing else maybe we can unravel some of the mysteries that are prevalent in gardening - whether it is botanical explanations or general queries about gardening.

Many of the suggested answers may be in the form of short pages that deal with the most basic of questions, but there are also pages that go into much greater detail. Whichever, we will make sure that your basic question of 'What is? gets answered. Many of our Google searches are based upon 'what' so it will be a good exercise for us to study and answer the question!

Variegated foliage of a spotted laurel - Aucuba japonicaCore from aeration tool for the lawnConeflowers - Exhinacea - herb and herbaceous perennial plant

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