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Garden Shrubs Beginning with B - a-z Letter listing

Banksia; Berberis; Bougainvillea; Brugmansia; Buddleja; Bupleurum; Buxus:



Bark Colour for winter

Buddleja weyeriana Sungold.
The Buddlejas are probably the most common of the B section. Commonly known as Butterfly bushes etc, but this one is a little different to the normal blue shades of the Buddleja davidii types.

Banksia: Evergreen shrubs - sometimes trees with spectacular flowers. Not fully hardy in frost areas. More suited to frost-free greenhouse in non-tropical countries.

Berberis imageBarberry - Berberis: A useful group of evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Foliage, flowers and berries are all attractive on the wide range of Berberis available. Most are fully frost hardy - and as tough as old boots.

Bauhinia: Mainly evergreen shrubs  that are generally frost tender. The flowers of most of these shrubs, are not unlike orchid flowers. Some are climbers, whilst others are of a generally lax habit.

Bay Berry - Myrica see Myrica Details

Bayleaf Tree - Laurus - see Main Laurus details

Beauty berry - Callicarpa:  See Callicarpa Main details

Beauty Bush - Kolkwitzia:  A well-deserved common name, with a stunning display of flowers - even if for a relatively short time. Totally hardy - though can suffer a little damage to young leves with late frosts. They soon grow out of that.

Berberidopsis: Not even remotely related to Berberis - as is often thought! This hardy evergreen scruffy - or maybe lax - climber,  has clusters of scarlet scarlet flowers - no berries

Berberis imageBerberis - Barberry: A useful group of evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Foliage, flowers and berries are all attractive on the wide range of Berberis available. Most are fully frost hardy - and as tough as old boots.


Calistemon imageBottle Brush - Callistemon: - the Bottlebrush shrubs are hardier than they look - especially when mature. Still best grown sheltered though. Various red shads - or even creamy yellow flowers give this shrub its common name.


Bougainvillea imageBougainvillea: The is gorgeous - if gaudy - shrub is an everyday pleasure for me - in Thailand. They are generally half hardy - or maybe just frost tender. Suited to large glasshouse in non-tropical countries. Flower colours cover the whole rage of gaudiness! grown as a clipped shrub, a lax climber or even a small tree, it will flower for months on end.

Boxwood – Box - Buxus: - See Buxus below.

Brachyglottis - Senecia Greyii: Forever it seems, this group of shrubs have been known as Senecio. Senecia greyii and S laxifolia etc. Useful as ground over, and good silver foliage on some - especially if cut back hard in the spring - but then you lose most of the flowers for the year. Your choice!

Bridal Wreath Shrub – Spiraea. See Spiraea for more info. Often confused with the Exochorda, which has a variety called -the Bride. Bridal wreath Shrub is different.


Cytisus ImageBroom – Cytisus - Genista  See either genista or Cytisus for further information about these shrubs.

  • Brugmansia - Angels TearsBrugmansia - Angel's trumpets - sometimes Datura:  Spectacular flowers on these not too hardy shrubs. They will not tolerate extreme frosts or cold winters. But fare better if the winter is dry. 

Brunfelsia:  A non hardy evergreen shrub group. Mainly violet blue flowers - which are quite spectacular. Other than needing a frost free environment, they are easy to grow.


  • Buddleja ImageBuddleja – Buddleia - Butterfly Bush. - Grown properly and not neglected, the Buddlejas are a useful hardy group of shrubs. there are other varieties other than the famed butterfly bushes. Well worth looking for - and then looking after!
    Buddleja globosa is different

Bupleurum flower in closeupBupleurum: Evergreen and semi evergreen group of shrubs which are generally frost hardy - some are not! Good for seaside planting and best sheltered.


Burning Bush – Euonymus: See Euonymus for full range of this group.

Buddleja Highland BlueButterfly Bush – Buddleja - Buddleia:  See Buddleja above

Buxus - Box – Boxwood: Beloved evergreen for those who want dwarf hedges and maybe some topiary! This group of generally hardy - though some are frost-tender. Good for clipping - little else!

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