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Garden Shrubs Beginning with M - a-z Letter listing

Maackia; Maclura; Magnolia; Mahonia; Myrica; Myrtus:


Magnolias are our featured shrubs starting with the letter M. Wide range of colours and sizes on this stunning group of shrubs.

Maackia: - Large shrub - or tree - that is fully hardy. Pinnate foliage is normally dark green, with groups of white flowers. Pea-like seed pods in autumn. Eventually grows to tree size.

Macleania: - Non hardy

Maclura – Cudrania: -  Fruit-bearing, compact shrub (M. tricuspidata) that is fully hardy - needing long hot summer for ripened and edible fruits.

  • Magnolia Heaven ScentMagnolia – Tulip Tree: - Stunning range of flowers now available on many different types of magnolias. Biggest drawback being possible flower damage by late frosts. Some cultivars are less prone to this damage. Ranging from a few feet in height and small star flowers to majestic trees with large cupped flowers, there is a Magnolia for every garden.
  • Magnolia grandiflora - The King of the Magnolias (for me!)
  • Magnolia Pruning - Not a lot required - but if you have to - read this.

MahoniaMahonia Main Page: - Often bulk planted and poorly maintained. Mahonias are evergreen shrubs with yellow flowers - some very sweetly scented in mid winter.

Large fronds of glossy pinnate leaves make for a 'tropical' look with some Mahonias.
Fully hardy, but some can suffer a bit of winter damage that soon sorts itself out.

malus Golden Hornet ShrubMalus: -  Normally a tree, can also be grown as large shrub. Invaluable for the 'crab apple' fruits in autumn. Together with this, a wide range of autumn foliage colours - not forgetting the display of flowers in late spring.

Medinilla: -  Tender shrub with pink flowers and glossy evergreen foliage. One for the tropics or grow under glass.

Melaleuca – Paper Bark: - Very similar to the Callistemon flowers, with evergreen foliage. Not as hardy as the Callistemon. Best grown under glass.

Melianthus foliage imageMelianthus: -  Stunning foliage - unreliably hardy! In milder areas it is worth a try. Mulch well to protect the roots from frosts. Fares better in winter if subjected to long dry summer.

Michelia: -  Same family as Magnolia - but not as hardy - in fact half hardy. Best in woodland setting in warmer countries.

Mimosa Pink flowered - pudicaMimosa: - Best under glass unless a warm country. The flowers sold as Mimosa are in fact normally from the Acacia dealbata

Myrica – Wax Myrtle: - Also known as The Bog Myrtle. The latter being the best for flowers and fruit. Evergreen compact shrubs.

Myrtus communis - MyrtleMyrtus - Myrtle: -  Aromatic foliage with attractive white flowers on these evergreen shrubs. Not always fully hardy - grow in sheltered place in colder regions. Normally late summer flowering - but persisting into the autumn.

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