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Garden Shrubs Beginning with L - a-z Letter listing

Lavandula; Laburnum; Lagerstroemia; Lantana; Laurus; Lavatera; Leptospermum; Lycesteria; Ligustrum; Lithodora; Lonicera; Lupinus:



Lavenders - Lavandula for our featured group of shrubs starting with the letter L.


Laburnum - Golden Rain TreeLaburnum – Golden Rain: -  More of a small tree, but often planted in association with shrubs. Can be bought as a multi stem shrub - which is quite spectacular - for a couple of weeks!

Landscaping Shrubs and Bushes - Get away from the normally accepted list of subjects to plant. Be daring!

Lagerstroemia – Crape Myrtle – Crepe Myrtle: - Generally half hardy shrub with attractive peeling bark. The upright panicles of flowers are superb.

Lantana shrub imageLantana: - Tender shrub - evergreen foliage and showy flowers in various colours. Can be griown outdoors in summer in UK, then overwintered frostfree.

Lapageria: - generally not hardy. Evergreen climber with tubular/bell shaped flowers normally red, but also with a white form. Only for warmer countries, or grow in greenhouse.


Bay tree pruned to shapeLaurus The bay tree: - Often clipped to shape, otherwise largish evergreen shrub with aromatic foliage beloved of chefs.

  • Lavandula - lavenderLavandula – Lavender. A superb range of evergreen low-growing shrubs which are mainly hardy - the English types  more reliably so. Flower colours range from the deep lavender blue, through pinks and white now. English and French types differ in flower and hardiness.

Lavatera - MallowLavatera – Mallow: - One of the longest flowering of all shrubs. Only drawback is that it gets damaged in hard winter, and oftend splits assunder. No matter. Easy to grow and cut back hard. Off it goes again.

Lavandula - lavenderLavender - Lavandula: - See Lavandula above.

Leptospermum - Bright PinkLeptospermum – Tea tree:- Evergreen with multitudinous flowers. Hardy in many areas - unless cold, wet winter. Grow in a sheltered but sunny place.

Leucothoe:- Not reliably hardy evergreen with good foliage. needs acid and preferably moist soil conditions to thrive. Flowers are similar to Pieris - but not as showy.

lecesteria - Pheasant BerryLeycesteria – Pheasant Berry: -  Hardy deciduous shrubb with good foliage, but mainly grown for the drooping deep crimson flower bracts and berries. Cut back hard each year.

Ligustrum - Golden PrivetLigustrum – Privet: -  Not only for hedges but also one or two that have good variegated foliage and very sweetly scented flowers. Hardy.

Lithodora - Blue shrubLithodora: - Deep blue flowers on this ground hugging shrub. Evergreen and generally hardy.

  • lonicera belgicaLonicera - Honeysuckle: -  Normally showy climbers with scented flowers, but also a few shrubby varieties available. Not always reliable flowering - but that is normally because of wrongful pruning of some types.
  • Winter Flowering Lonicera fragrantissima and L. x purpussii Winter Beauty
  • Pruning Lonicera - Climbers and Shrub types.
  • Lupinus chammisonis Lupinus – Shrubby Lupin: - There is the tree lupin and also a few shrubby Lupins that are hardy and well worth growing.

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