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Hanging baskets and Window Boxes. How to do 

Window box and hanging basket gardening can be done by almost anyone. It is probably the most versatile and rewarding use of space - other than possibly 'vertical' gardening. Even then, window boxes can be included in a wall garden. Using boxes and containers is a good way to produce flower - and fruit & veg - if you are short of garden space.

The main thing that window boxes and hanging baskets have in common, is the fact that they generally have a smaller amount of soil for the plants to grow in than do normal patio pots - or of course the garden proper. This minimal amount of soil, then leads us to planting many of the same plant types in both hanging baskets and window boxes. Often when planting up for the spring or autumn, there is a choice to be made for a 'special' plant - box or basket!

The other thing they have in common, is the fact that we generally cram far too many plants into hanging baskets and widow boxes than we do for patio containers! But what the heck? It normally makes for a dazzling display!

Hanging BasketsWidow boxes in particular are often positioned where other plants dare not go. Dense shade, draughty corners, baking sunshine. There are applications and plants which will suit all situations with baskets and window troughs.

The term window box, somewhat undermines the versatility of this type of trough, for it can also be a wall box or fence box. In fact any vertical surface can be home to a window box. Again, and overhanging support can be home to a hanging basket. If you don't have an overhang, then there are easy to fix (?) brackets that give you an immediate home for the coveted hanging basket.

We explain how to make the most of your hanging baskets and window boxes for a stunning summer and winter display.

 There are several things you should do in the preparation of your hanging baskets and window boxes to ensure that you are going to get the most out of them - with the least disappointment. All too often, the basic preparation is skimped in the eagerness to get the plants in and growing.

The other basic problem, is that the wrong plants are chosen for given places. Just returning from the garden centre with a selection of nice labels on mini-plants does not always make for future success. Window boxes and Hanging baskets may seem versatile, but they do have pitfalls!

Once you get hooked on planting up boxes, troughs and baskets, there is no need to feel disappointed at the end of the summer when your blooms fade. This about winter colour! It is usually beneficial to us in those gloomy days than in the bright summer days. One thing about planting for winter, is that you can often go 'instant' gardening, for it is ok to use mature plants for instant effect. They will not grow too much during the winter months, so generally the larger the better.

Some of the best displays I have seen with hanging baskets in particular, are those with a narrow range of plants, or even one type of plant used! The Petunia group in particular spring to mind - as does an assortment of just Lobelia colours or Nemesia or Begonias or...........Stop!

If you have a ledge, a wall, or a few screws, welcome to the world of window boxes and hanging baskets. Let your imagination be rewarded with a world of colour!



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