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Glyphosate - Commonly sold as Roundup. 

Glyphosate was originally sold under the trade name of 'Roundup'. The patent has now expired, and other manufacturers are allowed to use Glyphosate under a range of trade names.

Glyphosate is an extremely effective herbicide (weedkiller) for killing virtually every type of plant it is properly used on. This includes, all broadleaf plants and all grasses.

It is a translocated weedkiller, that travels from foliage application down through the plant's stems and into the roots.

Since the patent for Roundup has been removed, the chemical, Glyphosate is available in a wide range of weedkillers suitable for garden use.

The success for using Glyphosate is determined by the proper use as stated on the label. In the main, it has to be applied to weeds/plants that are in a good stage of growth. It is not totally effective when used against newly emerging or even young plants/weeds.

In the UK it is advocated for use against bindweed in particular. Its success is totally dependent upon spraying, treating the bindweed when it is in a vigorous state of growth. This is best determined as 'when the weed is flowering'.  Glyphosate can take up to three weeks to work on some plants, though the effects start to show in a week or so depending upon the weather conditions. Do NOT pull out or cut down treated weeds until there is no sign of the green plant left.

It is not selective in what it kills. If used on the lawn it will kill any grass in comes into contact with - or even drifts upon!

If used in borders, it will kill any prized plant that it comes into contact with, and is even capable of killing many different types of shrubs.

It does not work simply by being sprayed upon the soil. It needs to be translocated via the foliage down into the root system

Used properly, weedkillers containing Glyphosate, are a great weapon in the gardener's fight against all types of weeds.

Used properly it is totally safe and is biodegradable in the soil. There is no need to keep children or pets off treated areas. However, as with all garden chemicals, it should be stored out of reach of children, in its

 original container, and not used for anything other than a weedkiller/herbicide.

Whilst Glyphosate is considered safe, some brand sprays may also contain other chemicals which may be considered unsafe. Roundup, is no exception to this. 

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