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Why Should I Grow My Own Vegetables? 5 Good Reasons.

My rhetorical answer would be “Why not grow your own vegetables?"

The fact that you have reached this page is reason enough! You are obviously interested, and maybe decided in your own mind. If it is just the actual act of doing something that is stopping you – for now - let’s see what we can do to move you forward!

Almost anyone can grow their own vegetables, for there are enough choices to make the ‘where’ part of the equation a non-starter. Vegetables can be grown in the garden; in a pot; in a greenhouse; indoors; on an allotment; or even in a dish on the kitchen windowsill!

One of the most compelling reasons for growing your own, must be that of the increased health benefits. Whilst the healthy aspects include the control of what chemicals actually go into your food, there are wider health implications brought about by simply ‘doing’ something away from the normal stresses and strains of life. 

Swiss Chard  You could actually make additional friends – simply by having a ‘new’ hobby to talk about. And of course anything that moves you away from the TV or social networks can only be for your own good.

Top 5 Reasons to grow your own vegetables.

  •  Health benefits as outlined briefly above but also including general physical and mental wellbeing, from the activity – mild or strenuous (up to you), and immense satisfaction of eating what you yourself have produced.
  •  Taste is sometimes over-emphasised as a reason, for food processors have long since learned what to add to their plastic bagged frozen goodies or canned veggies to make them ‘tasty’ and therefore profitable. But, they still have yet to emulate the taste of a freshly picked garden pea or bean, much less the crunchy quality of a lettuce picked an hour ago!
  • Economic Reasons will be high on many people’s list, but real cost savings are not easy to achieve if you put a value on your own time. However, by choosing vegetables types that are artificially expensive because of import costs and ‘out of season’ growing, and growing them to your own needs and requirements can certainly help your budget.
  •  Versatility of growing vegetables is fact that is too often overlooked. You really can grow vegetables anywhere – regardless of the space that you have. You do not need an allotment – unless you want to feed a family all year. A single pot of a few salad vegetables is a good start and one that is almost certain to persuade you of the merits of growing your own.
  • Choice is also an important reason, for you will be able to grow varieties that are not generally available at the supermarket. All manner of ‘exotic’ and different vegetables are available to the amateur and enthusiast.

In short, you can more or less control how your food is grown, and where it is grown! There are many more reasons why you might to decide to grow your own vegetables. We are all different. We all have our own reasons for most things in life. Basically, if you feel it is a good idea - do it!

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