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Growing your own Vegetables - How to Grow

There has never been more incentive to grow some if not all of your own vegetables as at the present time. Environmental and economic conditions - and yes - a hankering for the 'good life' all add up to good reasons to Grow your Own vegetables!

Most important, is the part that vegetables (should) play in our diet general health. All animal life depends upon the eating of vegetation. Even carnivores have to eat fellow animals who feed on vegetation!

The growing of vegetables is not about 'goody goody' but about basic healthy eating and living. There has to be a stronger move towards eating vegetables - and fruit - if we wish to pursue a vital health well into our old age.

 But, we are not here to push the five a day argument. We are here to show you how to best grow your own vegetables if you choose to do so. 

Bunches of carrots

Growing vegetables is also therapeutic. The growing, harvesting and tasting of your own grown vegetables will give you a great deal of satisfaction - and often times smugness!

How To grow Vegetables.

  • Growing your own vegetables is not easy - whatever people might say. Other than the soil preparation, there are pest and diseases to be on the lookout for, and environmental considerations - not least the variable climate. If you are just starting out on growing your own vegetables, then take it easy - stage by stage. Get to know your soil type, speak to local allotment holders, and see what other gardeners are growing in your area. You might even start off by growing a few of the 'colourful' veggies in the shrub or perennial border. And, of course - in containers.

What vegetables to grow

How to Grow your Vegetables

Where Can You Grow Vegetables?

  • Vegetables can be grown in most gardens - even in flower borders! But, for dedicated vegetable growing, an open, sunny spot of the garden is best for most vegetables. You can also grow vegetables in all manner of containers, grow bags, hanging baskets, window boxes and as stated, many vegetables can be grown in a mixed border. Some are very very colourful!

If you want to move on to providing vegetables for the family for most of the year, then a dedicated vegetable garden is a must. This can either be at home if there is room, or you might want to try your hand at an allotment - if you can get one!

If your garden is perpetually damp, then a raised vegetable garden might be the answer. In any event, raised beds are a good idea for some crops.

When Can You Grow Vegetables?

  • If you are serious about your vegetable growing, then there is something to be done in the vegetable plot at most times of the year. However, the most productive time for growing most vegetables is from late Spring through to Autumn. Many vegetables that are grown in this period can also be stored for use in the winter months. Together with this, there are several vegetables that can be cropped throughout Winter - giving you some form of fresh vegetables throughout the year.

If you have a greenhouse - or just a cold frame - this will extend your season substantially. The same is true of other forms of protection - cloches, horticultural fleece, and home-made low poly tunnels are all good ways that will help you answer the question of "When can I grow Vegetables?"

Who can Grow Vegetables?

  • The whole family can be part of the vegetable growing regime. It is no longer the preserve of The Man! Involve the kids, and everyone else. After all, once they have tasted the difference with shop-bought vegetables, they should be encouraged to take part in the growing. There really is nothing to stop anyone from growing  vegetables.

Difference between Fruit and Vegetables


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