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Growing Sweet corn - Advice and Information about Sweetcorn 

If this photo doesn't make you want to grow your own sweet corn, nothing will. (And it is quite easy!)

Sweet corn is not a difficult vegetable to grow these days. there are some good varieties available for growing in most situations.

What you need to do to grow your own sweet corn successfully.

  • Sweet Corn needs a long growing season to mature and produce the cobs before the autumn sets in.
  • Grow it in the sunniest, sheltered position in your garden or allotment.
  • Sow the seed indoors in April in single pots. They will not germinate outdoors until it is too late to provide a good Sweet Corn plant. They hate root disturbance - so individual pots are better then seed strips.
  • If you insist on sowing outdoors, then wait until may and space the seeds (two to a station) 15in apart.
  • If you are growing just a few plants, then they are best planted in 'blocks' rather than in long rows. If you are planting in rows - aim for at least three rows to help with the pollination.
  • Sweet corn are normally pollinated with the help of the wind.
  • Keep them well watered and with regular feeding throughout the summer. Liquid Tomato feed is good - or Seaweed extract.

Perfect sweet corn cobsYou can tell when the cobs have 'set'. The tassels will wither and the cob will start to swell and firm.

 Quick Check Sowing to Cropping

  • Sow seed in modules undercover in April and May – no sooner.
    Plant out in June or July when warm.
    Harvest in August September.
    Seed sowing to cropping can be 12 weeks with good growing methods.

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