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Growing Pepper Plants Outdoors in the UK or other temperate areas.

Red hot Chilli Peppers - Grown in the UK!

The south of the UK is probably going to be better for Peppers outdoors than the North, but who knows? They are so simple to grow - providing it is warm enough - that it is worth having a go at growing Peppers outdoors. With a bit of protection - such as a sheet of polythene in cooler conditions, there is likely to be more success with outdoor Peppers.

Peppers will grow in any type of soil other than very alkaline soils. Growing in a large pot will have the advantage of being able to move your pepper around as required. And the DO make rather attractive patio plants! (It is also normally warmer on patio areas with all the reflected heat from the paving and house walls.)

You can either start them from seed indoors during late February, or you can let the nurseries do the risk work, and buy them as young plants in most garden centres during April. Plant them outside in late May or June. Just keep them growing and fed in their pot until then - in a warm light place.

Chillies hardier than normally realised - but DO need sunIf the Pepper plant grows with a single central shoot (leader) then cut the top out so that it will send out side shoots and develop into a nice bushy Pepper Plant.

Outdoors in the garden, you should feed your Pepper Plant weekly and water daily during hot dry conditions. Do not over-water either outdoors or in containers.

The small white flowers will pollinate themselves without any help from you, so just sit back and relax.

Let's hope for a good Pepper Growing season! 

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