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F1 Hybrid vegetable Seeds. Are they worth the extra money?

The answer is YES! Yes basically!

F1 Hybrid is a type of seed that has been produced as a result of a very controlled, complex and expensive breeding programme, which involves cross breeding two very carefully selected parents. The parents for this new generation of hybrids, are themselves two selected plant forms that have particular characteristics which are transferred to the new seeds - hence the F1 Hybrid vegetable seed is born.

Normally, the F1 Hybrid Vegetable seed is more vigorous - and uniform - in growth than 'normal seed. The resulting plants are of much better quality which grow and crop uniformly. Because they grow so uniformly, there is the possibility of all crops of that plant maturing at the same time. It might be as well to stagger the planting over several weeks if you want to avoid this phenomenon with the F1 vegetable Hybrids seeds and plants.

As well as the vigorous growth habits, some F1 hybrids are bred to withstand certain diseases or bad characteristics normally a problem with the crop.

Fi Hybrid vegetable plantsCommercial growers almost exclusively use F1 Hybrid seed because of its 'standard' habit of growth and uniformity of cropping.

Yes! F1 Hybrid seeds - for vegetables or flowers - are well worth the little extra you will have to pay.  

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