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Different types of spinach explained.  

A good bunch of harvested Spinach. There are several types of Spinach available to suit all palates. Just ordinary green leaf spinach or you can brighten up kitchen with multi coloured Swiss Chard leaves.

Spinach is great but slightly earthy taste when straight from the garden - but is also acceptable for out of season 'greens' when frozen.

There are a number of different spinach varieties to be explained - other than the normal summer and winter green types. They have individual tastes if harvested and cooked fresh, but tend to merge in taste if frozen.

Annual Spinach includes the normal summer crop. The seeds are normally rounded in shape. Winter Spinach, tend to have 'prickly' seeds. The end result is the same, but at different time of the year.

A problem with the winter types and varieties, is that they generally have smaller leaves, and quickly run to seed - especially in milder winters.

Swiss Chard Spinach with coloured stemsPerfect spinach plantsLeaf Beet spinach, is basically a type of beetroot - as its name suggests - but with the same taste of traditional spinach. The leaf beet spinach also includes the brightly coloured Swiss Chards - the stems and leaves of which can be eaten. Swiss Chard and other Leaf Beets are sown in the spring for summer cropping and freezing. so easy!                           

Another different type of spinach which should be explained and not overlooked, is the New Zealand Spinach. It is good for dry situations and grown as a summer crop - trailing over the ground, unlike the other upright spinach varieties.

Quick Check Sowing and Cropping

  • Sow under cover in modules from March or in the open from end of April. (A later sowing in August is also good).
    Harvest throughout the year – helped by the later August sowings.
    Sowing through to cropping will be 8 – 10 weeks.

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