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Self Blanching Celery. Perfect Celery without the hard work of a trench.

Self Blanching Celery

The big problem with growing normal Celery, is the Trench. A celery trench is not always a practical proposition for many gardeners - or gardens.

The answer is self Blanching Celery. Self Blanching Celery does not have to be earthed up in order to keep daylight of the stems. No, it is not quite as 'crunchy' as the real thing, but the taste is there, and new varieties are being bred all of the time to get that little bit of Celery Crunch that we all love.

Self-blanching celery are normally available for cropping from middle of July - depending upon your sowing time - until the autumn frosts. 

Celery that blanches itself!Celery as it should look!

Self Blanching Celery comes  in two basic types - white-stemmed and green-stemmed. The best green-stemmed for us, is 'Tendergreen'.

You still have to keep the suns rays off the plant as much as possible, and the best way to grow self-blanching celery, is to grow them in blocks rather than rows. Plant them about 9in apart in a rectangular block of 1 yard square or so.

Quick Check Sowing and Cropping

  • Sow seed in trays or modules undercover in March through April – transfer seedlings into garden position May through June.
    Harvesting the earlier sown plants from July through to October.
    Sowing to cropping 12 - 20 weeks.

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