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Other Vegetables that can  be Grown

There are several 'borderline' types of vegetables - many of which are interesting and not beyond the growing abilities of most gardeners.

It's just that they don't quite come into the categories of 'root' crops or salads for instance.

On of these borderline vegetables is Asparagus, and although it has similar cultivation requirements to several root crops, it is decidedly not a root crop in general vegetable parlance!

Soft fruit such as blackcurrant, gooseberries and raspberries for instance are normally grown in association with vegetables - especially if you have an allotment. However, they are decidedly fruit, and will be dealt with in that specific section.

Pumpkins and Squash are two non-mainstream vegetables, and if nothing else make for good conversation with your friends!

Zucchinis - courgettes to you - can actually be grown for their flowers!

Amaranthus vegetable.Jerusalem artichoke and even Dandelions are all bona fide members of this somewhat elite group.

Once you start talking about growing vegetables in containers or patio pots, then we are into the realm of more decorative vegetables. No more boring green tops. Liven up the pot garden with a wide range of coloured lettuce - and you can even be adventurous in your garden and tickling your palate with floral delights such as nasturtiums. (We will have to discuss keeping the blackfly at bay for those.)

Just a few 'different' vegetables

Rhubarb It is firmly in the vegetable camp as far as we are concerned - even though it is used as a fruit!

Asparagus is well and truly a vegetable that is often talked about and relished, but not many want to try to grow it. Maybe  because of its long growing time before cropping, or perhaps just because it tends to take up a bit of room. Once you can grow Asparagus, then you can really class yourself as being well on the way to being a vegetable gardener.

Hopefully this little section - and it is going to develop - will have whetted your appetite and enthusiasm to try something a bit different. Vegetable gardening - especially with those vegetables which are a bit out of the norm - can set you apart from the crowd, and bring visual pleasure to your vegetable gardening also! We will add to this section as we start to talk about growing vegetables in containers, and also about square foot gardening.

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