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Viburnum tinus French White - 8th November 

The evergreen Viburnums are a diverse group within the Viburnum family - ranging from low, compact groundcover shrubs, up to large specimens that can reach several metres height and spread.

December sees the start of the light pink buds opening into white flowers on this evergreen shrub. The flowers then carry on through to April, with March probably being the best month. 

 Dark glossy green leaves contrast well with the light flowers, and the foliage stays that dark green in all but a few months in spring when the lighter new shoots and foliage emerge.

 You can expect this shrub to reach 3 metres up and across, but a little slowly. It can also be clipped into a hedge quite successfully - without too much flower loss if pruned right after the flowers fade in April.

Lairustinus - or viburnum tinus French White Flowers and foliageAny other pruning - and it can be quite hard if need be - can be carried out in April after flowering. Later pruning is also possible, but then you will probably lose the following winter of flower, as the shoots new shoots arising out of the pruning will not have time to develop flower buds. Pruning after flowering will also remove the forming purple blue/black berries. No matter!

It makes a dense shrub, under which, not much will grow, but no matter for it will be cloaked in foliage down to ground level.

Viburnum tinus French White, can also be grown for a number of years as a container specimen.

Propagate this and other Viburnum tinus types by fully ripe cuttings in September - placed in a coldframe or simply with a plastic cover over the inserted cuttings. Fifty/fifty sharp sand and peat is a good mix. The emerging roots tend to be a bit brittle - so take a little care on lifting once rooted.

A good all round flowering evergreen to brighten up the winter months, and also to give screening where necessary - Viburnum tinus French White.

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