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Garden Shrubs Beginning with  V - a-z Letter listing

Vaccinium; Viburnum;  Vinca;  Vitis: Veronica


Vitis vinifera Purpurea for our 'V' section featured shrubs.

Vaccinium – Blueberry – Bilberry


Veronica - Hebes are sometimes known as shrubby Veronicas arising out of the face thqat some botanists group the Hebes into the general group - Veronicas.


Viburnum Pink BeautyViburnum: -  Wide range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs to suit any garden situation. Many with deeply scented flowers. the flowering range throughout the group is spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is possible to have seasonal interest at any time using various Viburnums. berry colour is also variable, with reds, purples, blacks and yellows on different types.

Viburnum tinus French White. Full description of this white-flowered winter flowering shrub

Viburnum davidii - The lowest of the Viburnums, but read on! Many uses for this shrub

Viburnum x bodnantense - the group of four sought-after winter flowering shrubs.

Vinca minor - periwinkleVinca - Periwinkle: -  Vinca minor - Ground hugging and spreading group of evergreens. Probably best categorised as an evergreen perennial rather than shrub, but it is as shrubs that they are sold. Will grow almost anywhere - covering the ground as it goes - especially the Vinca minor group.


Vitis cognetiae - Autumn foliage shrub climberVitis: - Climbing group of deciduous shrubs with spectacular foliage in autumn. Summer foliage is also of interest in the group. Vitis coignetiae - shown - is one of the most dazzling of all 'autumn colour' shrubs.

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