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Garden Plants and Flowers beginning with the letter 'R'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter R, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.


  • Ranunculus late spring flowering perennial best grown as biennial. Stunning flower colour range and very hardy.

; Raoulia;

  • Redcurrants - The fruiting type, not the ornamental Flowering Currant.

 Rehmannia; Reseda; Rhamnus; Rheum; Rhodanthe; Rhodanthemum; Rhodiola; Rhodochiton;

 Ranunculus asiaticus Rhus typhina Sumach
 Ranunculus asiaticus | Rhus typhina - Sumach.

; Rhodohypoxis; Rhodothamnus; Rhodotypos; Rhus;

  • Ribes - The Flowering Currant Shrub with bright pink flowers to take over just as the Forsythia are starting to lose colour.

Rincinus; Robinia; Rodgersia; Romneya;

  • Rosa - Roses main section listing many varieties and useful information as to the best way to grow roses.


  • Rosmarinus - Can be grown as a herb, but should not be overlooked as a valuable shrub addition.
  • Rubus cockburnianus - Pure white stems in the winter is the main draw for this group of shrubs, but some have attractive white flowers as well. There is a good golden foliage type in the group.
  • Rudbeckia - Sometimes mixed up with the Echinacea group, but now settling into their own again. mainly yellow and gold daisy flowers. Good hardy herbaceous perennial.

; Ruellia; Rumex; Ruscus; Ruta:

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