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Rhododendron dauricum - Winter Flowering on 14th January

One of the hardiest of all Rhododendrons, and just to prove a point Rhododendron dauricum is seen flowering here after a heavy night frost, totally brightening up the dark corner to which it had been allocated!

Classed as semi-evergreen but best thought of as a deciduous Rhododendron. If it the keeps a few leaves through the winter it will be a pleasant surprise - rather than being denuded when thought of as semi-evergreen. the foliage is in any event - insignificant. It is those masses of trusses of open funnel rosy pink flowers in early to mid winter which are the attraction.

Rhododendron dauricum, really does not care what winter weather is thrown at it. It will come through spreading cheer. A perfect border or woodland Rhododendron, it is also well suited to growing in a large container, and moving into sight on the patio when needed! 5 feet (1.5m) tall and same spread, makes it the ideal small or medium garden specimen.

The leaves are small and not too dense a canopy, so the shrub is well suited to underplanting with other perennials, bulbs, or small shrubs which are happy in dappled shade - most are so the range is enormous!

Rhododendron dauricum - winter floweringRhododendron dauricum

No pests or diseases to worry about, though sometimes gets hit with leaf spots - not serious. As with all Rhododendrons, it will require a slightly acid soil which can be maintained simply with an annual mulch of organic material.


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