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Rhododendron 'Molten Gold' - variegated rhododendron

Rhododendron Molten Gold, is one of the larger flowering types with purple red flower. The main attraction of this shrub is the fact that it has bright golden variegation - not normal for Rhododendrons. It is not a Rhododendron that you would normally buy for the dazzling flowers - though in the garden centre container - well grown and flowering in the pot, it is a popular plant.

It will need an acid soil, and for best foliage colour planted in light - not dense - shade with dappled sunlight.

Any pruning is best carried our immediately after flowering. It can be pruned quite hard to keep it to manageable size if required. Mulch and feed with bone meal or other organic slow acting feed.

Variegated Rhododendron photographed on January 23rd

Golden variegated foliage of Rhododendron Molten Gold The best colour I have seen on the foliage of this particular Rhododendron, is when it was planted in light dappled shade. In bright sunlight - a no-go for Rhododendrons anyway - the leaves can scorch - especially the lighter variegation areas.

Surface rooted like most Rhododendrons, the mulch will help to keep the foliage 'alert' and not suffer from summer droughts.

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