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Hamamelis x intermedia Orange Beauty - 8th February - (Witch Hazel)

A Dazzling winter - flowering shrub.

The Hamamelis group are perfectly winter hardy. Hamamelis x intermedia Orange Beauty is stunning in late winter.

Prefer an acid to neutral soil, but will also tolerate most other soils. Hamamelis - Witch Hazel - are happiest when mulched each autumn to build up a localised organic area.

Normally with yellow flowers, there are some spectacular shades of orange through to red such as this Orange Beauty cultivar. Minimal pruning, slow growing, and flowers regardless of the winter weather.

Hamamelis are quite happy in semi shade or full sun. Hamamelis x intermedia Orange Beauty is no exception.

Spectacular orange flowers on this variety of Hamamelis - The Witch Hazel.As with all Hamamelis, this variety has very good autumn foliage colour - ranging from yellow through to the deepest orange.

Hamamelis are not the quickest growing of all shrubs, but a good specimen of Orange Beauty, should get to around 1.5m ht by 1m spread in five years. Ultimate height could be 3 -  4 m with a spread of 2 - 3 metres.

Other orange Hamamelis include Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena, which is the better known, but is similar in all other respects to the Hamamelis Orange Beauty. Hamamelis Orange Beauty

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