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Building your own deck is well within the scope of most 'practical' handymen, who have a working knowledge of carpentry tools.

We take you through the stages of building your own deck, with help from the team at The Top Deck.

All stages of the operation to build your own deck are important. No trying to cut corners - other than for the shape of your deck! use only the best materials - specially manufactured for building exterior decks.

If you are unsure, then don't ask a friend - ask a professional! As well as the time and money you could waste with a bodged-up deck, do you really want to go through life having an eyesore in the back garden - or worse still, having an unsuitable deck that no-one wants to use!

A decking patio can be a true link from the house to the garden, and should be more part of the house than garden. The attention to detail is important for your deck to be a success.

In the following pages, we give you the information you should require about either building a deck, or getting someone else to build it for you.

Make it a feature that will add value to your lifestyle experience - and to the value of the house by building a deck patio.

  • Decking in the garden gives a few reasons why building a deck should be considered for your garden and enjoyment.
  • Choice of timber - One of the first things normally decided, is the choice of timber to use - or indeed composite decking.
  • The Decking Plan. A deck in the garden should have a proper plan, based upon the ideas you have to its ultimate use.
  • Decking Frame - Base. Building your deck starts with the provision of a good sub deck or deck frame.
  • Decking Base frame images. Showing many examples of decking sub decks or deck frames.
  • Supports - The sub frame should be supported with timbers - or other - that will last the lifetime of the deck.
  • Handrails and balustrades. These are essential for safety with higher decks, and desirable to 'finish' the platform deck!
  • Deck fixings. How to fix your deck to the base and also how to fix your deck to a house wall, the frame to the supports.
  • Treatment. Whilst all proper decking timbers are treated at source, additional treatment might be necessary.
  • Laying the deck
  • Finishing off

Decking Project - step by step for a slightly raised deck

Small verandah type deck where space was limited Large patio deck with hot tub

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