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Pyracantha (Firethorn) - Orange Charmer 

Pyracantha Orange Charmer is a good multi season shrub - and evergreen at that.

Masses of orange berries in the autumn preceded by a good show of creamy white flowers in mid summer. Feed the birds, and grow in full sun or partial shade.

Ramble them against a wall or fence - or grow as a large shrub/small tree at back of a shrub border. Sun or semi shade no problem.

An added plus - as long as you are not pruning - is that it has thorns - vicious thorns. Great for keeping intruders out!

A riot of orange berries on this Pyracantha orange charmerJanuary 22nd image of Pyracantha Orange Charmer growing against wall.

This is one of the best of the orange Pyracanthas. It is best grown against a wall, fence or as a hedge. Not so good as a free standing shrub.

Relatively trouble-free - other than avoiding the thorns when pruning or clipping.

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Pruning Pyracantha


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