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Garden Shrubs Beginning with  T - a-z Letter listing

Thymus; Tamarix; Taxus; Trachelospermum.



Thymus are our featured letter 'T' shrubs. Small they may be, but they are true shrubs - yes herbs as well.
Wide range of foliage together with varied shades of pink flowers. Good low growing shrub for dry places.


Tamarix Tamarix – Tamarisk: - Spring or late summer flowering types of the Tamarix are top all intents and purposes, the same - except that they flower at different times - and need different methods of pruning. Long arching branches covered in fluffy pink flowers.

Taxus - Yew with berriesTaxus – Yew:-  Slow growing shrubs - conifers - with assorted forms and foliage colours.  Often used for hedges - long term - but some of the erect types make for good specimens.

Tecoma – Tecomaria

Telopea – Waratah



Tetradium – Euodia





Thymus - Thyme herb shrubThymus – Thyme: - Low growing  (ground hugging) group of shrubs for front border, herb garden, rock garden or assorted containers. Not too demanding, but don't totally neglect! Evergreen foliage is available in many variegated forms. Prefers sun, but happy in dappled shade also.

Tibouchina:-  Non-hardy group of evergreen shrubs - some are climbers. Generally with showy purple flowers.

Trachelospermum jasminoides flowersTrachelospermum: -  Evergreen climbers with sweetly scented white flowers - similar to jasmine flowers. Quite hardy in milder winters. Grow against wall for best shelter, but also up trellis, pergola, or over arch.

Paeonia - Tree peonyTree Peony – Paeonia: -  See Paeonia


  • Magnolia soulangeanaTulip Tree – Magnolia – (but Tulip Tree is truly the Liriodendron – see in Trees section)  See Magnolia

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