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This light green stemmed dogwood - Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea - is superb for the masses of green stems giving spectacular colour effect throughout the winter months. It is a perfect partner to the other colours of dogwood - red, orange etc.  If grown in a light sunny position, then the stems will turn a canary yellow instead of light green.

The foliage is light green throughout spring and summer.

It can be persuaded to take over a large plot of ground, simply by pegging down some of the stems into the ground. They will root after a few months and send up new stems, or they can be cut from the parent and planted elsewhere.

 18th Jan 2001 - (Dogwood)

Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea - showing bright green winter stems.Cut all of the stems down to - or near to - ground level each spring to encourage  yet more new stems for the following winter colour. It can also be 'coppiced' - by forming a basic framework 30cm or so from ground level.

Dogwoods are easy to grow in almost any situation, but best where they can be 'lit up' with any stray winter sun.

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