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Cornus alba Sibirica - January 19th

(Red Stem Dogwood)

This - the classic red-stemmed Dogwood - is often overlooked because of its 'ordinary' foliage for the growing season. But, for winter red stems , look no further than this brightly coloured Cornus alba Sibirica. The colour is very bright and lasts throughout the winter - even showing up under new foliage in the spring.

As with all of the dogwoods that are grown for bark effect, it is best cut back hard each spring - the earlier the better, to allow it to grow many more stems to give a better splash of colour for the following winter.

Pruning and Size

The height and spread of Cornus alba Sibirica, is around 1m - to 1.5m high - depending upon pruning regime, and spreading through to about 1m to 1.5 m - again depending upon age and pruning.

Bright red stems profusion of Dogwood - Cornus alba Sibirica It can be confined by this regular pruning, but at the same time should be allowed plenty of space in order to get a good view of the winter stems.

Sun or part shade is best, but if it can be planted where it will be stroked by the low lying winter sun, it will look stunning. Plant with other colours of dogwood - as below - for the best effect.

The Stem varieties of dogwood can also be planted in large containers. A great effect for patio colour in the winter months.

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