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Camellia sasanqua 'Alba' -  January 2nd

Camellias are amongst the most dependable of flowering plants for the winter months - rain, hail or snow - but not too much sun please!

They are a wide ranging group of evergreen shrubs - all winter flowering, but at different times. The camellia sasanqua range tend to flower from December through until April - normally with single or semi-double flowers.

 Camellia sasanqua Alba - white flowersWe feature the white flowered Camellia sasanqua Alba. Pure simplicity of flower and a good white whatever the weather. If you are tempted to try a camellia - read our camellia general page for cultural details.

Most failures are to do with the buds dropping off before flower. This happens when the shrub is in a position to get early morning sun in the winter frosts. The buds thaw out too quickly, and drop off the plant! The shrub however, lives on to flower the next year - unless it is still in the same morning-sun situation.

Frost protection from overhanging trees is a good situation.

Camellia sasanqua 'Alba'.

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