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Roses - Pests and Diseases.

There are a few pests and diseases that can be troublesome on rose of all types.

Prevention of course is by far the best action, but lifestyle and time availability do not always allow for that method.

So! If it is remedies that are called for, then look no further than these pages, where we give you the best advice on combating the pests and diseases you are likely to encounter in your rose growing.

  • Greenfly on Roses. There are a few other aphids that are also troublesome. They all need the same treatment.
  • Rose Sickness - There really is a sickness of roses. Not normally encountered, unless you are renewing an old rose planting area.
  • Rose Black Spot - Is a disease that needs to be sorted out before you lose all your foliage - and ultimately the rose!
  • Mildew on Roses is the other main disease that you might come across. Sometimes due to the weather, and sometimes due to the rose variety.

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