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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'A'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter A, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.


  • Abutilon - Ideal foliage and flower garden or container plant
  • Acacia - Group of medium to large trees and shubs


Acer palmatum Osia-Beni-autumn  Aubrieta mixed colours ground cover.
Acer autumn foliage  | Aubrieta Spring flowering.

Aconitum; Acorus; Actaea; Adiantum; Aesculus;

  • Agapanthus - One of the 'In' plants of the decade, with good colour range and hardiness.

Agastache; Ageratum; Ailanthus;

  • Ajuga - Legendary ground cover perennial with varied foliage and blue stand-up flowers.
  • Akebia quinata
  • Alchemilla - The Ladies Mantle. Once you have it, it will make its home in the surrounding area as well!
  • Alcea - Althea - Hollyhocks - Old fashioned cottage garden plant which is still very relevant today.
  • Alfalfa sprouting - In the herb section
  • Allium - Spectacular pompom or globe flowers on erect stems.

Alstroemeria; Amaranthus;

Amelanchier; Ampelopsis;

  • Anchusa Superb blue-flowered perennial
  • Anemone - Small ground huggers and tall perennials - take your pick.
  • Angelica Dou purpose herb or ornamental feature plant
  • Apples - Main section about growing and caring for apple trees

Annisodontea; Anthemis; Antirrhinum; Aquilegia; Arabis; Aralia; Arbutus; Arctotis:

Arenaria; Argyranthemum; Armeria; Artemisia; Arum; Aruncus; Asparagus; Asplenium;

  • Aster lateriflorus - One of the newer Michaelmas Daisies which have helped to popularise this group again.

; Astilbe;


  • Azalea mollis - Deciduous group of Azaleas with often-scented flowers.


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