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Perennials starting with H - A-Z Listing

Hakonechloa - Ornamental Grass - I can lay claim to being one of the first wholesale nurseries to import this from new Zealand - many years ago. I admires the variegated foliage then as I do now. Not an evergreen, but the autumn foliage is also attractive. Mop headed ornamental grass.

Helictotrichon - Ornamental grass Long graceful nodding grass flowers atop mounded or tufted metalic green foliage. A good choice for the rear - or as a specimen.

Helleborus -  There are several group of the Hellebores from which to choose. The Christmas Rose is good, but so too are the Helleborus orientalis types. It is a shame that their flowers tend to droop - or dangle even. Still worth getting down to have a look at the gorgeous blooms. the aftermath of foliage is of interest fro the early summer as well.
Helleborus orientalis | Helleborus foetidus | Helleborus niger

Hemerocallis - Day Lily -Hemerocallis  I cannot make up my mind as to the best place for these to grow. I have seen them grow well in dry or damp conditions, and in full sun or partial shade. The first ones I ever saw, were in a bog garden. They struck me then and have done ever since. A huge range of colours with wide mouthed trumpet flowers.

Heuchera - Heuchera Not too long ago, there were just the coral bells types of Heuchera. the plant hybridists found a few promising foliage variants, and now we have garden centre shelves seemingly devoted to them. Varied growing situations, and good for patio pots - especially the coloured foliage types. (I still like the basic Coral bells - though the purple leaved types are good also.

Hordeum - Ornamental Barley Grass. - The squirrel tail grass is good in perennial bodder situations, and elsewhere similar. Great in gravel areas.

Haberlea - Evergreen perennial Alpines for the rock garden or stone trough. Rarely growing higher than 6in (15cm) with flowers not unlike the Gloxinia or Streptocarpus (Same family).

Haquaetia - very unusual leaf and flower arrangement on this low growing shade loving plant. bright yellow flowers surrounded by lime green bracts, make this a delight for the early spring.

Hedychium - the Ginger Lily needs a bit of protection for the winter, but well worth the effort. The spikes of flower are set of weel by the attractive foliage.

Helenium - Helen's Flower - Late summer and autumnal colours for this welcome group of perennials. Brightly coloured -but not garish - daisy type flowers, but with larger individual petals.

Helianthus - The Sunflower group. A wide range of yellows and golds on small or large flowers. My favourite has been Helianthus Lemon Drop.

Helichrysum - All the important ones have evergreen silver foliage. The Curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum) is the most popular, and of course has that aromatic silver foliage, and rich gold flowers. Evergreen, and is sometimes classed as a sub-shrub. Will not argue with that botanically, but it is also a good border 'perennial'.

Heliopsis - Ox Eyes. Not unlike small sunflowers, and very similar to the helianthus group. Good golden flowers which last a long time - especially if cool - as a cut flower.

Helonias - Evergreen perennial for damp areas. Has star shaped pink flowers in late winter-early spring. A bog garden 'must have'.

Heloniopsis - A woodland or other shaded area perennial with tasteful nodding trumpet-like flowers. Think miniature Neriium and you are near enough there!

Hepatica -  I first me a Hepatica when I nearly trod on it peeping up through a leaf carpet. The bright blue up-curved flowers simply asking to be photographed. A little slow growing, but well worth the wait.

Hesperis - Attractive flowers - typical of the cabbage family - normally white. Grows to 2-3ft - 60-90-cm. I think best in a semi wild situation, but also showy in the herbaceous border.

X Heucherella - Hard to tell the difference between the Heucheras and the X Heucherella. But difference there is. The name emanates from its parentage of Heuchera and Tiarella. With parents like that, they cannot fail to please.

Hibiscus - Perennial Types - Generally shrubs or houseplants, there are also a few perennial 'mallow' types well worth growing.

Hieracium - The Hawkweed - (Well named!). Grey green foliage with yellow flowers for the most part. Same as the weed.

Holcus - Spreading Grasses! Once you have these spreading grasses, you will always have them. Constrict them if you want. Otherwise find a wild spot and let them have it!

Horminium - Dragon's Mouth (refers to the flower shape) Blue flowered perennial - low growing and best suited to full sun, but moist soil.

Hosta - Early show of good foliage beneath low growing shrubs. Look no further. good in dappled shade or full sun. The foliage is the thing with these, but the flowers will not be ignored. Watch out for decimation by slugs!

Houttuynia - A deciduous perennial best suited to dappled shade. bright foliage on Houttuynia cordata Chameleon, and yes, it does change its foliage colour throughout the growing period.

Humulus - Perennial Types - The Golden Hop is often thought of as a shrub. It is herbaceous, and a perennial. It can grow and climb several meters in the summer months and is quite happy climbing a tree, or engulfing a perennial border. Make sure you have the room, then grow it.


Hyacinthoides - Bluebell


Hypericum - Perennial Types


Hyssopus - Hyssop


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