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Houseplants care - How to Buy and care for Indoor plants.

Houseplants often come our way as presents - sometimes unwanted. But, if you have them, then you need to look after them properly - even if it is just to show the person who gave it you, that you are caring for it properly!

Our general advice - and the special links below - should set you on the right path to having happy houseplants.

Never forget, that houseplants - when grown indoors - can often tell us a bit about our own living environment. Generally, if a houseplant does well, then the environment is ok for us as well. To be successful with houseplant, you have to care for them and look after them  as much as - or more - than plants in the garden. 

Caring for your Houseplants.

Its always a good idea to do a little bit of research - either here or on the web to see if you can firstly accurately name your plant. Common names are generally alright but tend to differ between countries and also between different areas of your own country.

Once you have the real name you can double check by doing a search of Google Images - to make absolutely sure.

Then you are well on the way to know how to care for your houseplant. Start off by finding out where your plant had its origins - often Asian countries or the South Americas. If it is a rain forest plant, it will need different care and attention that one from the desert or dry woodland areas. This is where the real botanical name comes into its own.

General Rules about Buying Indoor Plants

  • Do not buy your indoor plant from an open air market - especially in the winter months. Most will have been grown in a heated, well controlled environment by a professional grower. They will resent being in a draughty place in the open air, and maybe being sored for long periods elsewhere.
  • The same is true about buying indoor plants that are displayed outside shops or even on the side walk. Peak buying times are the weeks leading to Easter and Christmas. Neither are normally good for 'outdoor' indoor plants, and many florists etc will be overladen with stock and out of necessity, place them on display outdoors!
  • If the plant is 9in a protective paper or polythene sleeve, inspect it carefully inside to make sure no mould or fungal disease are to be seen - or dead leaves for that matter.
  • If it looks wilted - forget it.
  • Try not to buy a plant that is in full flower - far better those that are mainly budded.

General Care of Houseplants

  • Feeding of Houseplants - We all get hungry from time to time. Houseplants are no different, other than the fact that they have to depend upon us to feed them! They need to be cared for and feeding of houseplants is an essential thing in how to look after your houseplants
  • Misting Houseplants - Yes or No? - You decide after reading this. A misting each day rarely makes any difference to humidity or general well being of the plant; it may even be harmful if for instance your water area is lime.
  • Watering Houseplants - This is where the killing often starts! Very few plants are killed by lack of water, because the drooping result quickly alerts you to the fact that water is required. On the other hand, over-watering or leaving a plant in a saucer of water at all times, usually creeps up on you, but with signs such as buds and leaves dropping, and foliage just somehow not looking right!
  • Pests and diseases of Houseplants


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