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Houseplant Pests. Insects on your indoor plants.

A plant grown indoors is in an alien situation. So, there is the possibility your houseplant will be attacked by alien insects. Help is at hand.

When you grow houseplants indoors, then there is the possibility - or even probability - that they will be attacked by insect pests from time to time. Often the insects are very small, so you only find them if you are actually looking for them.

All too often, the damage that pests do to houseplants is the first sign for you that something is wrong. Invariably it will be one of the common house plant pests or maybe one of the diseases.

Some of these links will take you to the main pest and disease area of the site. You can get back to 'houseplants' by using your 'back' arrow on your browser.

  • Red Spider Mite is not normally found until the tell-tale signs are visible. A small insect but big problem for houseplant growers.
  • Brown Scale Insects are sometimes a problem. And once suspected are easy to see - but not too easy to deal with.
  • Aphids on Indoor Plants. - Normally greenfly - but there are others. Easy to deal with.
  • Mealybugs on houseplants are a real problem, and quite difficult to get rid of. However, they can be sorted.
  • Sooty Mould of Houseplants is a symptom rather than a disease. It is the black sooty deposit that thrives on the sticky honeydew left on the foliage during an insect infestation

If your particular insect pest on your houseplant is not dealt with here, then feel free to email us.


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