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Chrysanthemum Indoors - Dendranthema. Well known as Pot Mums. 

The Plant: The Chrysanthemum has dark green leaves topped with abundant daisy like flowers. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of strong colours with a long flowering period which make than well suited for growing indoors - houseplants. Generally, Chrysantheums grown as houseplants, are around 30cm high, with single or double flowers.

Its needs: As Chrysanthemums are usually bought ready potted there is no need to worry about potting mix, but any compost will do as plant is generally not kept from year to year.

 A cool room temperature, e.g. 10-15 C prolongs the flowering period indoors, but a Chrysanthemum plant will tolerate warmer rooms. No extra humidity required, and they can be placed in any position within the room.

Wide range of colours on indoor plant ChrysanthemumsCare: Keep Pot Mums moist at all times indoors, feeding not necessary for the first few weeks, though watering is, but a light diluted tomato feed each week after will be enough. Deadhead old flowers to maintain tidy looking plant. Keep in a light airy place and watch out for powdery mildew on foliage

Good for: The Chrysanthemum is a very popular houseplant to give as a gift, not usually expensive, and cheerfully bright flowers atop dark green foliage. Easy to maintain. Most people discard Chrysanthemums after flowering period is over. It is possible to plant them out in the garden in spring or summer, which should produce autumn-flowering tall Chrysanthemums, however, not all plants survive the transition.

Houseplant Chrysanthemums have usually been treated with a chemical dwarfing agent. This dwarfing habit reduces if kept for further year - grown as houseplants indoors or planted outdoors.


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