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Browallia speciosa - Bush violet

Good for: Plant several Browallias together for a good display, and keep trimmed.

The Plant: A small, straggly plant, producing a mass of purple or white ‘violet-like’ flowers from spring to late autumn.

Its needs:  Bush violets appreciate strong light, including morning sun. Well-draining potting mix, and high humidity.


Regular watering of Browallias is essential, and a weekly feed to promote flowering, and maintain a long flowering season. Browallia dislikes cold. The plant is prone to become straggly, and should be trimmed back, and dead/weak stems removed. In late autumn flowering ceases, and the plant dies back.

 It is better to collect the seed and sow in shallow trays for next year rather than trying to keep the plant over winter. It is also possible to take cuttings from the tips of new growth in autumn or spring. Watch out for Red spider mite.


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