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Fresh Herbs in Winter. Grow for Harvesting 

As with several vegetables that can be grown for fresh cropping in Winter, there are several herbs that will be suitable for fresh cutting in the winter months. Naturally, you will have to plan ahead a little, and not simply wait until the winter before taking any action!

Several of the herbs suitable for winter use can be grown from seed, but there are also a few evergreen herbs which can be bought into lush growth with a bit of protection.

Fresh winter herbs are much better than dried herbs for the winter kitchen. With a little bit of thought by way of containers and growing inside - Fresh Winter Herbs are very much a possibility.

What herbs can be grown for use fresh in winter?

  • Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) is a good herb for winter use. It should be sown in August - or September, and will be sturdy enough for most winters outside with no protection.

  • Welsh Onions - A substitute for chives -  Welsh onions can be raised from seed by division - dividing the old clumps in spring or autumn. You can use the leaves and also the flattened bulbs. They are a welcome addition to the herb bed for winter use.

  • Chives will last well into the winter with the addition of a bell jar or cloche. Or you can dig a few out in autumn and pot them for indoor or greenhouse use.

  • Perennial onions, which are similar to chives - but paler in appearance - should be raised by division.

  • Parsley can be sown in in July for a winter supply. Protect it with cloches.

  • Evergreen herbs such as the thymes (Thymus), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), which needs protection in cold areas, pot marjoram, and Winter Savory can all be used for Winter Herb use. All of these evergreens will be more productive if you give them some winter protection - such as a cloche or maybe a bell jar.

  • Winter Savory did not get its name by accident.

  • Sage - where would we be at Christmas without a good fresh sage and onion stuffing?

  • Bay Tree Herb is of course and evergreen tree - mostly hardy and can be used in all types of winter soups.

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