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Water Lilies - Nymphaea. For the Garden Pond. 

Water Lilies belong to the family - Nymphaea. They are attractive in the garden pond, but have a few quirks to bear in mind when planting them in your garden pond.

Water lilies give good cover from the sun for fish with their leaves which float on top of the water. They prefer full sun, though will tolerate a little dappled shade.

Generally they prefer still water, however, they will tolerate slight movement away from a waterfall area, and often seem quite happy with the effects of a gently fountain spraying over them.

Water Lilies are quite a versatile group, and varieties can be chosen for most pond depths. It is quite important to chose the right variety for the depth of your pond, for that will often be a deciding factor for success.

Water lilies

Assorted Nymphaea - Water Lilies as a bowl of cut flower blooms.
A colourful selection of 'cut flower' water lilies in Asian Market.

Water Lily Varieties

  • Blue lotus (nymphaea caerulae)
  • Nymphaea ‘Aurora’
  • Nymphaea tertagona
  • White water lily  (Nymphaea alba)

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