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Elaeagnus pungens 'Frederici'

One of the colourful family of evergreens - the Elaeagnus. Quite similar to Elaeagnus pungens Maculata but with a much better - though lighter form of variegation to the leaves. When matured, the flowers are very deeply scented, and as a bonus it flowers in late autumn - early winter. The flowers are barely visible, but you will know that they are there because of the heady scent!

Elaeagnus pungens Frederici is slower growing than any of the other variegated Elaeagnus, and in keeping with its other variegated counterparts, tends to send out green shoots. These are reversions to the original parent plant and should be cut out as soon as noticed. If not, then the green growth will soon outstrip the rest of the variegated Elaeagnus.

Brightly coloured evergreen of Elaeagnus pungens FredericiBecause Elaeagnus are so tolerant of drought and soil conditions, they often get neglected and allowed to overgrow. Slow to start, but soon taking hold, the Elaeagnus will grow into a shrub around 1.5m x 1.5m in around 6-10 years.

Propagation of Elaeagnus

I have had best success with ripe - but not old - cuttings in a cold-frame during September/October. They generally root by the following spring. It helps if you take a thin sliver of bark off one side of the base of the cutting - 1 cm should be enough, and rooting hormone certainly helps with these.

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