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Water Gel crystals 

Dramatically reduces the amount of watering required for plant containers and hanging baskets.

Water Crystals Gel or Hydro Gel are small water crystals absorb and store water for plants. Reduce the amount of watering that your hanging baskets and plant containers need.

  • They help reduce crop irrigation and watering needs in agriculture,  home gardens, houseplants, container gardening and any type of organic gardening or organic farming. 
  • This gardening product dramatically increases the long-term, water holding capacity of soil for home and garden or farming. 
  • Its application improves soil structure in home and garden. 
  • Water crystals contribute to healthy plant life by reducing plant stress. 
  • Significantly increases the intervals between watering lawns, gardens, house plants, container gardens, trees, organic gardens and crop fields .
  • Can be used extensively in horticulture, home and garden and organic gardening.

Each dry water crystal absorbs 400-500 times its weight in water. When hydrated, each water crystal turns into a gel to which plant roots are attracted for its moisture content. 

When mixed or tilled into the soil, Water Crystals absorb and retain water for extended periods. The extent of time depends on ambient temperature and the thirst of the plant.. 

Within several minutes after immersion or contact with water, a Water Crystal the size of a sesame seed begins to grow to the size of an acorn. Then, when placed in soil it absorbs and holds excess moisture, within the soil.

Feeder roots of plants, in turn, seek this reservoir, penetrating the crystal’s membrane to give it plant life-sustaining hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrated crystal absorbs surrounding moisture and nutrients of the soil medium.

Then, when it rains or when the soil is irrigated, Water Crystals consume excess soil moisture. They are capable of continuing the process thousands of times.

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