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Unusual Vegetable Crops for growing in the garden

Celeriac Root - The taste of Celery - and more!

It doesn't have to be all spuds and cabbage. there are a huge range of vegetable available - including some unusual ones!

Some unusual vegetables to try, which are easy to grow.

  • Celeriac must be one of the favourite unusual vegetables to grow - easy as well.
  • Hamburg Parsley gives you the foliage and roots!

Coloured Carrots!

The not so humble carrot is also available in a selection of colours - each having their own distinctive - but carroty taste. Try purple, white or pink carrots - available generally from the larger vegetable seed suppliers.

celeriac - an unusual root vegetableSalsify

 Tap rooted vegetable which is reputedly different, and easy to grow in the UK. The reason it is not ever seen in supermarkets, is simply because whilst it is easy to grow, it is not easy to harvest without damaging the long root


To all intents and purposes, Scorzonera is the same as Salsify - but different! Salsify has light coloured roots, whereas Scorzonera has darker coloured (purple) roots. Both have the nickname of oyster plant - having a taste not unlike that shellfish. Seed is readily available through most seeds suppliers.

Sweet Potatoes

Whilst these are normally grown in tropical countries, there are several varieties that will grow in the UK - Georgia Jet being amongst the most trustworthy. Don't expect to grow them from tubers like ordinary potatoes - you normally buy them as 'slips' which are short stems, which are planted into the ground. Don't try to grow your own slips from shop-bought sweet potatoes, as the sweet potato will have probably been imported, so is not a variety suited to growing in the UK.

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