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You will have to hunt far and wide to to find any information that positively extols the virtues of turnips. It is not the most sought after vegetable - which is a shame. Learn how to sow and grow turnips and you will be in for a big surprise with the sheer versatility of this root vegetable, and in particular, how easy it is to grow them well.

Turnips are often grown as a long term crop. Therein lies the main problem. Whereas the similar swede root vegetable can be grown as a 'maincrop' turnips are best grown and tasted as as a quick maturing succulent vegetable rather than the chewy, stringy root that is often the norm.

The main reason for growing turnips is as an additive for stews and Sunday roasts, but there is much more to the humble turnip than that. Turnip tops are a great salad addition - either for cold salads or to be included in the stir fry salad vegetables.

Pickled Turnips!Another use for turnips is that of pickling - much as you would do baby beetroot! And so it goes on for the humble turnip!

As if its many uses were the main attributes to its versatility, one also needs to know that it can be grown in many different place within the garden, including intercropping between peas or even cabbages.

 It is more than happy if grown in light shade, but it is also a perfect choice for container grown vegetables!

Quick Check Sowing to Cropping

  • Sow March through until August.
    Harvest in July through until January according to sowing time and method of growth.
    Sowing to Cropping time - 6 to 12 weeks - quick maturing!


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